wickedwickedwitchNovember 15, 2009

Is a membership on Dave's worth it?

I am on BGI and I like that but it is hard to tell where folks are from and they seem super interested in creating a super-species of plant. That goes way beyond my interest level at this point.

Or am I better off just staying here with the cool kids :)

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sibhskylvr((Mike) Arkansas)


I've been a member on Dave's since April, 2004! I've met alot of nice people over there! I can think of a couple specifically! They each have a special place in my heart! Never met them - but love them to death! :)

I eventually joined BGI - but honestly, I think I've been there maybe once, or twice! I can't really give an opinion of the place. I'm sure it's like most of the forums - nice people! :)

Gardenweb is my #1 home! Love it here!


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knotz(8/PNW SWWA)

Dave's is worth it if you want to participate in the co-ops :)

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Hi Nicole,
Im a memeber of Daves too, like Mike said lots of nice
folks there too and they also have a Marketplace where you
can buy plants/seeds.

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dees(5 IN)

I also belong to Dave's and BGI. I have been a member of Dave's since 2001.To me, it is definately worth it!The co-ops are a BIG plus, and the site is so easy to navagate thru. If you want to post pics, the size is automatically reduced. I have lots of great on-line friends there.

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okay, more money out the door on my "little plant hobby" as stated by my grandmother.

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)


I hope you don't feel that your membership in BGi is a waste.

I think in any group, society or organization you will find members with varying levels of experience and knowledge.

You shouldn't let that intimidate you. I have not run into any group that does not make you feel welcome or provide support thru the sharing of knowledge and plant material.

I have found that there is usually an introductory period where members are getting a feel on you as much as you are on the surroundings.

What you are seeing in the forums is that there are many more aspects to growing brugs (or any other plants) than just sticking them in your garden and watching them do their stuff.

I think my season is too short to get into hybridizing but, I love to see what others are doing and the crosses they are producing.

Then there's the whole "cold group" thing that blows me away and is all new to me. I find it really exciting to see what people in other parts of the world are doing. I absolutely can't wait until we can get a few of these varieties here in Canada.

I would say to join as many groups as you can - I don't see it as a waste of time or money.

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I like BGI because they talk about so many varieties I have never heard of. But, as I said, they go way beyond what I do with my plants. I am constantly on there looking at pictures of brug varieties.

I have to prioritize where my time goes like everyone else.

I think I will join Daves.

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Please don't feel threatened by what goes on on BGI. We're all just crazy about Brugs and we all get along fairly well and we love to share our opinions and knowledge. Post some pictures, get some opinions, browse the forums, tell some jokes, share some recipes. Shawn was saying that after you make your free draws from the seed bank the BGI membership almost pays for itself. We've even been using the chat room a lot lately. Come on in and introduce yourself. It' a riot!

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chena(z8 Texas)

BGI is a Wonderful place.. This is a busy time of yr for everyone.. I know I questioned the "clickish" atmosphere becoz I wasn't use to that.. They are warm and welcoming wonderful people.. My sub. just ran out and it will be a while before I can join back in ...BUT I look forward to it and will be missing many friends.. JUST jump in with both feet and POST!!! I think you will find it a fun place to hang out..


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