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Connecticutian18August 7, 2014

I recently purchased a clematis from Home Depot (it was on sale). It came with a pot with an attached trellis. I have no intention of planting it as I do not have enough space. I have given it full sun and watered it well yet it doesn't seem to be doing anything; I haven't observed any new growth or buds. Also, several of the leaves near the top are getting brownish spots. Is it already too late for any growth to occur? How should I handle the potted plant during the winter?

Thank you!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Do you know it's name?
Do you know your climate zone?

Clematis don't do much until their third year. One in grower pot likely to not do much at all. Needs to be in a much bigger pot with much taller trellis, most likely.

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Zone 6, not sure of the name sorry. Would a lot of pruning help it bloom this year?

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No. Newly purchased clems often don't bloom their first season, typically for the reasons BorS outlined above - too small a grower pot and the need for better/longer establishment. Also, a good many selections have already bloomed for the season and are done for the year.

Knowing the name would really help going forward as you could then research the proper pruning methods. At this point in time,just go ahead and plant according to accepted clematis planting practices and prune back to second set of buds from the base. This will assist the plant in establishment and help to develop a strong root system. Flowering next year should be considered a bonus if it happens and may not be very overwhelming anyway......clematis tend to flourish best after they've spent several years in the ground.

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