I don't know a lot about Clematis, need help

mazsdps(7)August 14, 2009


The Clematis has always been my favorite flower and I finally planted some last year. I have never pruned them and they look terrible this year. The ones I have planted in the ground bloomed so good and they still look pretty good. The ones I've planted in containers look pretty bad. I've read post on pruning but I still don't get it (I know I sound like a dummy). My container clematis look like they are dead from the soil to about 3/4 of the way up. The top of them are green and bloomed but they still don't look near as good as the ones planted in the ground. Do I cut them down to the soil line or how should I do it? Also, should I prune all of my clematis or just the containers? I live in Arkansas so when should I prune them?When I fertilized them I used miracle grow, should I use something else. I have a picture of one of the ones I have planted, it was so beautiful this year and was covered in blooms but I don't know how to put it on here. Anyway, any help would be so much appreicated. Thanks!

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

What you are seeing in your potted up clematis is what is known as "Brownlegs"...Clematis will get those especially in hotter climates..potted clematis will dry out quicker than those in the ground..that is why I "Sink" my potted clematis into my garden..you should get those potted ones planted in the garden when the weather turns cooler..probably next month..Pruning is essential.especially for baby clematis as this forces the clematis to focus on growing a stronger root system and not growing vines..this is done in the first year..Clematis that are PRUNING GROUP 3's MUST be hard pruned as they bloom on the new vines grown during the growing season whereas pruning group 2's bloom on last years vines..I like to use Rose fertilizer rather than miracle grow..remember that clematis are like Roses as they are heavy feeders and bloom best when the fertilizer has the higher middle number in the N-P-K ratio...the "P" is what makes flowers bloom..Being in zone 8 I hard prune and fertilize my clematis in Mid Feb around Valentines day or as some say when the Forsythias are in bloom..so calculate that for your zone...Jeanne

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Thanks a lot for all the info Jeanne. I'm going to plant the potted ones around the end of Sept. I sure hope they do better next year. I guess a lot of it's going to be trial and error for me, lol! I appreciate you answering my question!...Angie

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