Easter Cactus advice

madamminxSeptember 24, 2006

Hi folks

This seems to be a great forum. nice to meet you all.

I have two questions one about my easter cactus and another about my orchid.

1. My easter cactus of over 3 years is looking rather droopy and quite wrinkly at the min despite some new growth. In the 3 years it has flowered once and has been repotted once. At the min I have it sitting beside the window and have since discovered that I should have had it outside in a shaded spot (don't have a garden but do have a covered over yard. - would the fact that I havn't moved it make it go all droopy? Or some other cause, I try not to water it too much as it never seems to dry out. i always stick my finger in soil to see if dry and soil doesn't stick at the min the soil is still very slightly damp. To be honest pretty paranoid re: watering as I always seem to overwater so trying to do the opposite.

2. My orchid (I think its an Oncidium Alliance) my friend got me this beautiful orchid for my birthday in July and it was blooming gorgeously now all flowers have dropped off and it would seem that there are new blooms about to burst open. I have search different sources for advice on pruning. the instructions that came with the orchid state that once it stops blooming cut back stems by approx 10 cms to encourage new blooms, however in this case there are new blooms coming so v hesitant about doing this. Another source states that these orchids do grow in the wild and nature does not round with a pair of pruning shears cutting back orchid stems - my instinct is to follow the latter advice - makes sense - gave me a giggle also.

Look forward to hearing your advice and views.


C aka M

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C, sounds like you need to repot your Easter Cactus in better soil..something well-draining. Either cactus mix or make your own by adding all purpose, sand and Perlite.
Is the pot too large for the plant?

If your orchid is ready to bloom, I wouldn't touch it. Only after all signs of flowers are evidident should you then cut the flower stem..I cut mine down to the base of the plant. But make sure that stem isn['t going to reflower.

Oh about the EC, it would have been a good idea keeping outside until first frost..
By the way, what day in July is your b-day? Mine is 7/11..Toni

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Cool Toni! Mine is July 14th (1962 I'm not shy about my age:-)

A thread of Cancers Lol!


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When you do water your EC, water it generously until water pours out the drain. Then no more until almost dry. They say EC like a constantly just barely moist soil but how the heck do you go about that? Maybe it is overpotted and not able to ultilize the water. EC like a well draining soil but want something a little heavier than desert cacti. I use 1/3 orchid mix, 1/3 perlite and 1/3 miracle grow moisture control. It might also like to be misted occassionally.

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I would agree with repotting, especially if it's been a few years, and the soil stays wet. As Easter Cactus are epiphytic(live in trees), it needs organic matter and excellent drainage. I achieve this by mixing Cactus soil, Orchid bark, and perlite. Keep cooler during the winter, and hopefully you'll see some blooms next spring!

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Hi there

Thanks for all your advice.

The pot is quite small thus getting my dad (he has what he calls a cactus mix)to repot the cactus into a bigger pot. AS for putting it outside, i don't have an outside so to speak just an enclosed yard but it does have more air circulation I spose so when I get the cactus back from my dad I'll put her out in the yard for a bit.

As for my birthday, well its on the 13/7 summer of 69 ;-)

I water my EC pretty rarely, every two weeks as she always seems to be slightly damp but its always hard to know especially with the pot being so small. I also keep her in the bathroom normally so she gets misted naturally each time I have a steamy shower.

thanks again for all your help.

Much appreciated.

c x

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