Pine Bark Fines and Turface in San Diego?

simon_growJune 23, 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm planning on re-potting some of my plants into Al's Gritty mix and I can't find Pine Bark Fines nor Turface. I just came back from Home Depot, Armstrong Nursery and even a Hydroponic store and couldn't find these two items. I was able to find lots of bark but only Cedar, Fir and Redwood. I was able to find the large size expanded clay pellets at the Hydro store but I belive they are way too large. They are about the size of a marble. I want to stick with Pine Bark instead of substituting with another type of bark because I have some plants (Miracle Fruit) that requires an acidic environment. Any help finding these two items or a good substitute would be greatly appreciated!


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blazeaglory(10 SZ22/24 OC Ca)

OSH has many different bags of everything you need. The only thing they are missing is Turface MVP but many people have been substituting with an "oil spill clean up" product from auto zone or pep boys with good results. Do a search in the container growing section or for gritty mix substitutes. Its almost exactly the same stuff as Turface and its not chemically treated or anything. Its just water absorbing clay.

OSH does have the pine bark fines in many different sized bags. Also, if you cant find pine fines, orchid pine bark will work pretty good. They have lots of good different bags of stuff at OSH with many different sized products. They even have crushed rock (I dont know if its granite or not but its a good small size).

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