Help with my clematis growing in shrubs

greenhavenrdgardenAugust 23, 2013

I planted a Villa De Lyon next to my Wine and Roses Weiglia because I wanted to add some interest to the shrub after its finished blooming for the year. Well, it worked. The villa de Lyon is blooming inside the weiglia and looks beautiful, but....
I didn't think this through and now I'm curious how to remove the vine from the shrub this winter without cutting down the shrub. If the vine blooms on new wood and the shrub blooms on old wood should I not pair them? I was thinking if I used a clematis that doesn't need cut back then they would end up blooming together which would be pretty but not what I had intended.
Could I cut the vine at the base and then leave the old stuff in the shub? Will that hurt the weiglia? Is it possible to pull out the old vines without hurting the shrub?
How do you guys do this?

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I cut the vines above the first set of buds and then just pull the clematis out. Once the vines are dead I don't find that they are too difficult to remove, but if you are concerned you can cut the vines into smaller pieces of a few feet before removing. I have V de L in an Endless Summer hydrangea as well as several other type 3 clematis in other shrubs ranging from dogwoods to H. paniculata to spruce to winterberry holly. I haven't ever done damage removing the dead vines.

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Yes, wait until the vines have died back sufficiently (like in late winter when one is often instructed to prune back clematis), cut them back as babs suggests and then gently pull the vines out. The vines and leaf petioles that attach to the shrub will be dry and quite brittle and break away easily without damaging the shrub.

Sounds like a very nice combination! I grew a Nellie Moser through a purple smokebush in my old garden for a similar effect - loved it!!

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Thank you for the advice. I'll wait for the vines to dry up before I try to remove them. I'm more confidant now knowing it can be done and has been done by other people. I planted quite a few to grow through shrubs but most are still in that "sleep" phase. I have a Huldine planted next to my purple smoke bush. He's just starting to take off. I bet the large flowers that Nelly has would look beautiful also and what a great color match! Thanks again. I almost moved VDL in a panic the other day :-/

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