Key lime in container-fertilization question

hankua(Jacksonville Fl Zone 9)June 29, 2010

I have two key limes in containers, do we fertilize all year or stop in September? (zone 9, Jacksonville FL, trees will go in the garage during freeze warnings)

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I fertilize my trees in containers all year long, right through my winters..

Mine are planted in a well draining porous mix..Unless they are dormant, I will consistenly feed..


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This is a great site I hope I can learn a few things and help others also.
Seeing you have a number of months to go before deciding to feed year round, this is a great question to ask at this time. (Your looking ahead)

Some like to stop feeding in the fall as the temps lower. and start feeding again in early spring as the temps begin to warm, giving the tree a rest during the cooler winter months.

Others feed year round, at a much reduced rate during the cooler or winter months

Citrus are always active in growing, the cycle is 2-3 months root growth followed by 2-3 months top growth although the cycle may slow in the cooler months citrus never go's dormant and is always active in growing.

Yet some use artificial light and bottom heat during the cooler winter months and never reduce fertilization.

Myself I greatly reduce the ferts during the cooler months, given the tree the much needed rest it deserves from producing fruit and growth during the warmer months.


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EXCELLENT post Tom....Excellent, and well put....


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