How to wash oil off the leaves?

adiro(5b/6a Canada)August 1, 2008


I am new to gardening, I have started several clematis this spring and summer, to a count of about 8. I have an earwig problem, and I tried the oil traps ( soy sauce + oil in tuna cans) The traps work to some degree , i catch a few earwigs dead every day, however every new leaf and flower that opens is promptly eaten and disfigured no less than a day after opening. So I put the oil traps.

The problem is, we got a huge rain, and all the oil in the traps got on the plants. The leaves have become oily and shiny, and soon after they started yellowing and falling off, starting at the base. My question is: Is there any safe method to wash the vegetable oil ( mine is Sunflower oil) off the remaining leaves? The oil also jumped on the little miniature roses taht I have in front of each clem, and the little roses are losing the leaves the same way now.

Could I just make a strong dishwash detergent solution an spray it on the clems, or is there any other solution. Some clems are really big, other really tiny, and I am wondering if by trying to protect from earwigs, I didn't give them a hand of help to die.....

thank you

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Just put some lemon dishsoap in your hose end sprayer and go at it...this will also be a great deterrent for bugs...and will wash your leaves off...Jeanne

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Try using small plastic containers with a cover. Cut 3-4 holes in the sides of the container about a half-inch wide.

I can sympathize with you on the earwig problem. I can't believe they are so bad again this year.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

They are really bad for me too. I've been using Sluggo Plus which is safe for wildlife, pets and kids but labled for earwigs. In some areas Clematis that were destroyed in previous years are doing much better but the clems that are on tall wooden lattices are trashed at the top. I may get a ladder out and put bait on the top of the fence because the earwigs up there aren't coming down to get it.

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adiro(5b/6a Canada)

Thank you for answering!

Yes, I'll try the dishsoap, I wasn't sure it's safe to use, I don't want to continue the damaging... I'll have to figure out some covered containers too, as it's not only oil on the plants, but also my neighbour's cats come and lick empty some of my gross looking traps....

Yes, my earwig problem is really bad, my poor clems try to flower ( it's their first year) and I don't get to see the flower for a day, and it's over....
I found earwigs hidden even in the lily flowers, which they don't eat.... all my fencing is wood latice, and ocasionally I find a whole school hiding there during the day, it's terrible.... and I don't dare to use any chemicals ( aside from soap spray) because of my dog and the neighbour's kitties wondering around all the time...

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