Do Aphids bite?

birdsnbloomsJune 21, 2006

I have never seen aphids on a plant..There's little green flying bugs that get in my house..those little suckers bite!! Are these aphids?

They're bright green, tiny, about 1/8" long..when they land on you they bite your skin..Are these aphids I'm seeing or some other bug? Thanks, Toni

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Hi Toni,
I've never heard of a biting aphid. They are quite small (less than 1/8 in)and usually cluster on the new growth or flower buds. You will often see ants tending to the aphids. They move them around the plant and protect them from predators because the ants feed on a "nectar" produced by the aphid. I think you are probably seeing some other bug.

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Hi Toni,

Check Biting Midges and Thrips on the internet. Both are biting insects. Neither are green though... Hmmm I am from Chicago and I remember the mosquitos but nothing small and green...

Here is a link that might be useful: Biting Insects

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Karyn, I've seen these bugs I'm talking about all my life..usually outside, during picnics or just relaxing on the grass..I am not seeing these bugs on plants, but they do hop/fly around plants outside..

Marc, like I said these 'green' bugs been around forever..and those little bugers, bite hard. They're not as bad as don't bleed after being bitten..Whatever they are, they're pains in the Toni

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Hey, Toni.
I found this page trying to answer the same
question, and I think I might have an answer
for you.
You said they were green, small and bite,
but don't really 'bite' I think you might be seeing
What my brothers and I call leaf hoppers. It
feels like they bite because when they jump
the 'leaf hoppers' leave with a hard "click".
Hope this helped you a little, Caitlynn =^.^=

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I wonder if they are some kind of sweat bee?

No, aphids don't bite animal tissue, just plant tissue.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Hi Toni, this is a mystery, isn't it? Let's try to narrow things down a bit. I know what your little bitey culprit is, by the way.

First of all, I believe that these little things look like aphids....but they aren't. Thank goodness, right? I think that most people know that aphids can develop wings but do so only to escape very crowded condition or to find a mate. Winged aphids will be found on or near plants. They do not bite. (Ants are not required for aphid populations.)

Citrusboy should have been more persistent in his research! Biting thrips are almost certainly the cause behind your misery. They come in a variety of colors. Some people might not even be aware that thrips fly and will even form swarms.

I'm afraid that your only recourse is to use a repellent on your skin. This can be something as simple as a body lotion. Believe it or not, they aren't after our blood at all but are simply inserting those saw -like mouthparts to see what kind of plant you might be....and if you are tasty!

The stab of biting thrips can cause a mild allergic reaction, a rash, itching, Their bites can be surprisingly painful, considering how small they are.

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Wow a 6-yr old

The little pale-green bugs are harmless..unless they land on skin or touch-screen computers. lol

When I first got online today, Rhizo's thread was sent to my email. I searched IL insects, bugs, flying, hopping, and more..There weren't any insects that resembled the little green bugs that are around in summer, and die or go dormant during winter..

The good news is they don't eat my plants, but their little pinchy bite hurts.

Akita, I looked up Leaf Hoppers..they're quite colorful. There's was a picture of a green LH, so it's possible this is the insect.

Rhizo, you know this bugs ID?? Please tell me. I spent an hour or more Googling IL insects, Toni


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Hey Toni!

At least you spent less time looking for this bug than chasing your tipped over pots yesterday!!!lol



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Mike, funny..I thought so, too...we had another BOP is lying horizontally alongside a trillion other plants.. :(

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Crap, I didn't even notice that this thread was that old.

Yes, Toni. I am familiar with biting thrips. Look up the google images for 'biting thrips '.

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