Labor Day photos

Dzitmoidonc(6)September 3, 2012

Some random photos taken between the rain. We are experiencing the remnants of Isaac. Mild winds and bands of rain punctuating peeks of sun. Not really cactus weather, but some have chosen to open.

I think this is Coryphantha elephantidens.

Some kind Huernia, although the bloom appears to come from the Drosanthemum.

This is Rhipsalis houtelliana, something like that. This plant blooms about 8 months of the year. Wonder why they couldn't use some of those genes to cross with the ones that have the Va-Va-Va-Voom flowers.

A few flowers from some of the Cleistocactus. Although the ones here make most of them in the spring, a few are produced all summer.

The same plant last spring.

And if I can post a sad looking plant, this South African succulent sure is tough. The slugs eat the leaves, the constant rains make the leaves mildewy, but it still gives me flowers in the fall and spring. Do not open this thumbnail if you are the sensitive type.

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Some nice flower power on Labour Day for you - I've got the remnants of Gasteria flowers myself, although on one G. I have past, present and future flowers.

Like the Cleisto very much. We need to get Tristan, a fancier of Cleistos very much more, to ID it for you.

I wonder the same - why are the most floriferous the least-showy? Like why does the mango have such a large pit...

The Huernia you ID is likely a Stapelia (flower size is what I base it on, but I don't know much about Stapology).

Yes, your Mesemb is tough - FYI, they sometimes looked like that in San Diego, too (it might be a Glottiphyllum).

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Hey Jeff. I think that one is Foxtail Cleisto, C. vulpis-cauda. I got a wild hair some years ago and ordered seeds for a dozen species. How many are still here is anybody's guess. I know there are a couple pots of C. jujuyensis (one in the background with a bloom). Maybe 6 or 7 other species. Want one?

Yeah, that could be a Stapelia. My IDs are always suspect, that part of the brain is undeveloped and crusted over.

I think too Glottiphylum, but the name wouldn't come when i was pecking the keyboard.

You've changed side of the border, how come you've never come over to the pokey side too? Next time I go to New Brunswick, I could post them from there.

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Pretty flowers :D i had 3 asclepiads bloom, and the rest are the forever blooming mammillaria.

I dont think asclepiad flower size should determine what type of asclep it is. Some stapelia have gigantic flowers, while others have itsy-bitsy flowers about the size of a dime.

Here is a link that might be useful: The many different types of asclep flower sizes. with lots of pics

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Yes, the size does not determine the genus, but I trust that pirate McHarris's ID's more than mine. I have other Staps, this one blooms for a long time. Stapelia gigantea blooms in August for me, has the largest blooms of the genus, but is ephemeral compared to this species.

The advantage to having Mammillarias is the fruit they make. M. camptotricha has the best fruit. If you don't have one, and like lemon-lime flavor, you gotta find one.

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Send me an email via my handle and we'll talk out of school, as I've got some postal alternatives (I was thinking balloons). I've got some plants for you, too, I trust- you don't have any wee agaves yet, do you? And you need to grow the unid NWC crest which is sweeping both of our nations, at least with a little broom.

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That's a great picture source, but unfortunately you've fallen for the Great Stapelia Snipe Hunt act again.

First of all, there are any number of pictures there which perfectly illustrate the hazards of lumping. While the photography is sublime, I believe that there's some question about the nomenclatural system used there - too many Stapelias, not enough Tromotriche.

Tromotriche engleriana

Secondly, in many plants, the flower is a defining factor in determining what it is. Yes, you're right, size alone isn't enough, but my point is that many people classify the large, fuzzy flowers as Stapelias - I'm one of those people. That doesn't make me right, but looking at your link's pictures - you don't think some of those should be in a different genus, based on flower difference?

Here is a link that might be useful: He says it's a Stapelia - Tromotriche is troubled by this

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Can't believe I missed a Cleistocactus post!!! = )))
Been crazy busy, so now trying to catch up.

The Cleistocactus I think looks more like C. brookei than true C. vulpis-cauda. The latter is so closely related, it is sometimes lumped into C. brookei.
However, C. vulpis-cauda is a cliff-denizen and has a very 'hanging basket' type of growth, whereas C. has a much more erect growth pattern (which yours seems to have...though can't be sure!); the flowers are almost identical to C. brookei though.
My C. vulpis-cauda is trying to flower right now...hopefully, the lone flower will open tomorrow ('tis the cricket season here, and they love to munch on young flower buds....argh!).

Dzitmoidonc - which other species do you think you have? Got any additional photos? Would love to know!


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Tristan's a great fellow, and at #2 on the Cleistocrazy list, bears watching.


I hope you show us a flower of it. The name means 'foxtail'? That's what we in the Navy called those little hand brooms.

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Hmmm..I think I used the wrong link..
Try this:

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tristan, Jeff, Dz -

So is this a Cleistocactus?
My puny cacti looks similar, no flowers, it has few long 'needles'(?) here and there..


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I don't think so - I don't know what it is, however, aside from the fact that I could be wrong about it not being a Cleisto. You know, flowers will tell. However, maybe a close-up shot of the spines / skin / areoles will help someone ID it.

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Thank you; will have to get my daughter to take close-up, my cheap camera won't do any better.


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Actually, I do believe that is indeed a Cleistocactus - a baumannii-type...possibly C. candelilla.
Flowers would nail it down though!


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Thank you, I googled some photos - it does look very much like it. So hopefully it will bloom one day to confirm.


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