After mid-season pruning ...

ditasAugust 6, 2012

Hello Clematis lovers ~ just having learned a bit more about Clematis care & how to ~ have more wonderings!

I went ahead & pruned all of my 8 clemmies after the first surge of blooms in Spring & fertilized as suggested (didn't prune Blue Bell as it continuous to bloom). My ?? the new growths have smaller foliage & (a few now flushed) blooms are just as small. Is this as expected?

Many thanks for your thoughts!

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Yes, also in my experience the numbers of flowers is slightly diminished and color saturation, especially of reds is diminished, but your experience in a more favorable climate may be better. Good luck....

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Thank you for your reply ~ so even w/ a boost of fertilizer it still will not be as robust as in Spring. Well at least they are green w/ blooms unlike before when I didn't prune they were brown, crunchy & looking dead!

I wish the collectors in this forum would post pictures of their Clems in the second life after pruning! Would help reassure a few of us 2nd time beginners!!! TIA if you do!!!

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Well, I didn't cut mine back and several are blooming again with normal sized blooms.

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Hi flowergirl70ks ~ didn't your clems go thru the *Sudden Wilt & dried-up Symdrome* in mid-Summer? Some of mine always did & all I could do was trim painfully all I could! Since I learned here that pruning down for a 2nd flush of vines & blooms ~ but this is what happend!

In the past years I always just left them alone ~ not all go thru the *SW syndrome* & they do rebloom as well as they did altho not as plentiful. The few that go thru the *SW syndrome* also re-surge as well, thru all the crusty-dried vines & foliage if I don't have the time to clean them up.

I'll try to find Alfalfa pellets in town for next season ~ I made the mistake of using the *alfalfa-horse feed blend* this year & was told I may have to deal w/ weed growing as well - sigh!!!

Sometimes one learns the hard way for love of plants!!!

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