Yellow leaves on young mandarin

SanDiegoMamaJune 22, 2013

I have a dwarf gold nugget mandarin, which has been in the ground for 2 months. It gets south western exposure. The soil is typical San Diego clay, but I dug out a large hole and filled with rocks for drainage and good soil. I fertilized the tree about 5-6 weeks ago, as the nursery advised me that it was safe to fertilize a young tree. The tree is near a lime and lemon that are healthy. It is on the same watering schedule as my other citrus trees. Could this be an issue with the fertilizer? There are no bugs on the tree. It was sprayed once with neem oil last month when I was trying to rid the neighboring lime from aphids, but the spray was completed early morning, long before the sun gets to that part of my yard. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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Most likely you sprayed it with neem oil when the ambient temperature was too high... over 80F.. classic chemical burn; don't worry; just try not to do it again. Best to spray chemicals at sundown or last light; they get to work all night when the critters are active; and the temps are cool enough so as not to damage the leaves.

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