Where can I find decorative pots.

TonyInVaSeptember 23, 2012

I am looking for some decorative pots on-line to put my Cacti in. I plan on putting some dish gardens together. When you purchase cactus dish gardens from retailers they usually come in a Tex-Mex type painted dish. This is what I am looking for. Anyone know where I can get some?

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I find, personally, that terra cotta pots are best suited for Cacti and succulents. At least they work the best for me. Glazed pots hold in too much water and cause root rot. I know they're pretty boring but you may be able to find some decorative ones at an online retailer. Home Depot had some cute ones as well. More of a variety than Lowe's that's for sure.


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The terra cotta pots from Italy are the best. The ones from Germany are a different terra cotta and are very hard. The ones from Italy are softer and more porous and easy to drill extra holes in if you want to. Every plant I had in the ones from Germany died; the only pots I've ever had plants die in. Most of my plants are in plastic because I have my own method of telling when they need water. It's worked for me for over 60 years.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Hey Tony... Check out Caudex 1 this guy makes pots from what I understand and they all look like 1 in a million, Yeah that nice and plus they make your plants look nicer than they really are because they have Sooo much more character.

Check out some of his work here on the links in here and I'm sure someone else can help direct you to some of his work.

I believe he has a web site so can someone give da brother a hand please? I seen some of his work and Yeah... There very Exotic looking.


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