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lyndanorthcoast(6A)August 11, 2012

The Pink Champagne clematis I planted a couple of months ago just produced a flower. It's a dark pink, which I think is the color of "Pink Champagne," but the flower is only a few inches in diameter. Is it typical for a "first year flower" to be so small? There is only one flowering stem on the plant.

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roseberri, z6(6)

Hi! since no one has answered you, I will try;
first year clematis rarely perform as well as you would like. The adage is: First year it sleeps, second year it creeps,and third year it leaps so you may need to be patient. It is concentrating on growing roots this year.

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And prune it hard this season (late winter/early spring). Hard pruning will encourage additional stem development from the root crown, which should increase the potential for flowering.

A fertilizer with alfalfa as a ingredient after pruning should help as well. Alfalfa contains a natural plant growth hormone and encourages breaking from the root crown.

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I have pink champagne as well. It will flower in spring on old wood. Those flowers are going to be much bigger. When my type 2's flower later in the summer they are a bonus but usually MUCH smaller than the original flowers and certainly not as many as the 1st flush. I *think* this has something to do with it flowering on new wood later in the season vs old wood earlier but don't quote me on that :) This will also happen with many double flowers. They will be double in spring on old wood but single in summer on new wood.
For what it's worth, my pink champagne has exactly 1 small flower right now.

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