What am I doing wrong?

Lamora(4)September 30, 2012

Hi, I have had this since about June, I have tried everything anyone has told me to do with it and it is just NOT GROWING! Right now it is in MC all purpose soil with perlite 1-2. I had it in the 5-1-1 mix for a long time till it got knocked over and spilled out. (Have no idea how that happened, it was the only one) I thought I would try something else with it since they are not growing. They all have good roots. I water when dry. It has florence light right now (shop light) But even outside they were not growing.

I am at a loss with this. I think that by now they should be starting to grow new growth, shouldn't they?

I will take in ANY ADVICE anyone has on this.. I really would like it to grow..

Thank you in advance


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From a 5-1-1 to MG all purpose ... Ouch It might be better to change it back to 5-1-1 asap

Either way I noticed they do tend to take longer to spread by single leaf cuttings. A humidity tray will help them a bit but the budding flowering and rest time is nearing some of us too.

Considering mid season out side start and then re-potting with adjusting don't get discouraged as you said roots are nice but it can take as many as 2-3 years before they spread out to the more noticeable TC your looking for and then growth should be faster.

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Some take a lot longer than others show new growth. I have 3 different Christmas cactus cuttings that I also planted in June. Two of them rooted and showed growth by mid August. The third one is just now starting to show growth. The third one will have white flowers and I've found the white ones are slower to show growth. The one of yours on the left of the photo looks like it has small flower buds on it.

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thanks for the quick responces-- :)

Mike- yes, I thought about that too. The sudden change in soils. I have some mix made up.. sorta. It has the bark and some soil plus some Peat moss. It just got all mixed up.I put the perlite in as I repot, so it has none of that.

Maybe I will re-soil it this week. My DH thinks I should just let it be for now.. he has a problem with the 5-1-1 mix, "Plants NEED SOIL" is his motto. He doesn't really give me a hard time with it, but he lets me know he doesn't like it.. oh well.

Ron- wow, didn't see them till now, maybe they are ok after all??

All my other plants are growing real nice, now that it has cooled off. Didn't realize that Fall was going to give them all a jump in growing. And I realize that some take longer than others, but this is driving me nuts! Ok, I will give it time.. I can wait as long as it can.. I think. At least it isn't dying.

Thanks again.. :)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I see new growth on the left side of the pic, so be patient.

I would have kept them in the bark-based mix, as the roots enjoy more aeration that way.


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Pieces, especially at this time of year, take some time. Also, as Josh counsels, patience is also necessary. It's unhelpful to keep moving the plant out of and into different mixes. Find a porous mix with lots of organic matter and, besides watering and bright indirect light, let it be. Speaking of watering, if they're not rooted, they should be misted heavily daily until they are rooted (noticeable growth is the key here).

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Thanks. Something these plants have taught me is Patience,, but it wears thin at times too. It dries out pretty easy, so drainage is there. Roots are good, they are entangling with each other now.

I think I will give it more time right now since it (one) has new growth. Just let it alone, water when needed. I think I am "over-thinking" this and mothering it too much. Or should I re-soil it again? Been only a few weeks in this soil. But with the new growth, should I chance it?

Thanks for the replies. It helped me to know that some plants are prone to do this. Makes me feel better. I don't think I am really doing anything really "wrong" now. :)

Time and patience~~ I THINK I can do that.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Excuse me Lamora,

Did you catch that Ron said you have buds forming? I hadn't seen it myself, but once he pointed it out, I can see them w/out question. So they're in flower bud now. What more would you want from the plant?

"I think I am "over-thinking" this and mothering it too much. Or should I re-soil it again? Been only a few weeks in this soil. But with the new growth, should I chance it?"

Yes, your'e overthinking this & overmothering this. No you shouldn't chance it.

You really need to pls. leave it alone & dismiss this notion of re-soiling yet again & simply leave it alone. The two posters immediately above suggested patience. If you re-soil this plant yet again, you're likely to lose these buds. If you would pls. stop second guessing yourself & just be brave & commit to being patient. That's all that's left to do here.

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Pirate_girl~~ that is just what I am going to do. Leave it alone. :) I know I need to stop over doing, over mothering and over thinking and have patiance with it. And with the buds forming~~I need to stop it even more.. So yes, I am going to just let it be. :)

Patiance have never been one of my best things, but these plants are making it come out. I just need a hit in the head once in a while to keep it going.. /sigh

Commitment on patiance and time~~ got it. I can do pretty good with it if I promise myself~ but this is a promise to my TC right now~~ can I at least still "talk" to it?? lol I love talking to my plants, they never question me or give advice, just as long as I "listen" to them and try to understand what they need, Most are happy~~ :)


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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Well I see buds on one of them! But as its a succulent plant the best way is allow the cut/broken end to dry before putting in slightly moist compost. And as its a forest cactus the soil can be more loamy, but I never use perlite- too lightweight and messy, wont hold the plant in.

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