Brought my cutting inside tonight

honeybunny2(Z9TX)November 23, 2009

My husband said it was going down to 39 degrees tonight, I brought my cuttings inside, I do not want to take a chance. I am having so much fun trying to start plants from cuttings, thank you Eddie. Barbra.

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Brrrrrrrrr Barrrrrbraaaaaaaaa, that's cold! I have my cuttings on top of the fridge (bless you Eddie, Jill and Kathy) and some already have nubbies, but I am waiting until after Thanksgiving to pot them up.

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I got yours cut. Will send them out when I get back from Louisiana.

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haase(10 CA)

I got my cuttings right outside on the patio. It's warm, like a German summer. What else can I ask for?
Eloise, I'm surprised to read that your cuttings are indoors, on top of the fridge. You live right next door to me. In California. Did the weatherman send you a different type of wheather than what I get???

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Ingrid, our weather is beautiful here in the Valley as well. I have my cuttings up on the fridge mostly to keep them out of the way until I am able to pot those with nubbies up after Thanksgiving. I keep my cuttings indoors not because of the weather, but for convenience in changing the water.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Babra that is wonderful that you get to grow your cuttings and see how fast they become TREES OR BUSHES!

As for the weather...brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is right. At like 10 pm when I saw the weather report, that it is getting down to 36 in the surrounding area, I ran outside and brought the Iochroma's in the Garage.

Ingrid what else? Of course a PURPLE BRUG lol


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I really am enjoying the cuttings. It gives me something to look forward to. Its the first thing I do in the morning, when I get up. If I'm off I take them outside, and then bring them in at night. I sure hope they root, I've potted 4 of them up so far, with just nubbies. I need to make room, since I will be getting some new cuttings, I just won one of Eddies Auctions off Ebay last night for his cuttings for doubles. Barbra

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Not that I'd recommend it but I'd left a tray of cuttings outside and temps had gotten into the mid 30's a couple times. The cuttings were fine. BTW these weren't ones from Edna and Mike. Those have been babied. lol These were a few that I'd taken from my own plants.

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Brrrrrrr. . . .yuck, we're heading for that also here in Illinois soon.

Karyn - I cut the base of a cutting off, if flipped off into this small container of water, I didn't bother to grab it. . .

You're not gonna believe this. . .it's sprouting all over the place. . .sitting there. . .huge leaves on this 1" piece of cutting in water. it's funny how the cuttings we don't seem to baby end up being some of the hardiest.

Too bad I don't remember which one it was. I may just pot it up and call it a "surprise" brug. I wouldn't want to throw it away, it has struggled so hard to be viable.

Funniest thing. 4" leaves on this 1" piece of cutting. Sitting in this nasty water with dirt in it (it's a soaking tray)

Just funny to see.

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