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ditasAugust 21, 2012

I have 4 young Clemmies still in 4-gal pots sitting in temp site until I find the right sites for them. Asao, Elsa S, Pink Chiffon (HH) & Comtesse de Bouchaud.

My ? which of these 4 would crawl vigorously on a tall obelisque?

Another help I need ~ I had SAC in a 4-gal pot that crawled beautifully on a temp/makeshift garden-wire trellis I set up last season ~ a young (babe) RTHummer claimed ownership of the site as I set up a nectar cafe on the trellis (I plan to replace w/ obelisque) ~ SAC served as a haven for the young RTH as well. I decided to relocate & sink SAC elsewhere last Spring & hate to dig her back up to return to this site. So I'm looking for one to crawl up better than PChiffon-HH that didn't do the job this year ~ besides PC-HH color is so very like the Chelones' in that bed.

Elsa S will offer the contrast in color ~ would she do the job of crawling vigorously or would a Ramona do a better job?

Appreciate your thoughts ~ TIA!!!

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roseberri, z6(6)

hi, I have Ramona and she does a good job of climbing and blooming early in the spring for me, but she over grows my 5 ft trellis so she needs something very tall, And she burns out at the bottom for me every year where I have her so I am moving her to a better place.
I dont' have Elsa, so cant say about her, shes supposed to get really big I think.
My mom has Comtesse de Bouchaud and it grows like mad and is covered in blooms most of the summer. She cuts it back and it blooms again in Sept., she lives in NE Ohio

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Thank you roseberri ~ none of the 4 I have (still in pots & temp sites) crawled high enough. Perhaps due to the fact that they are not in the ground yet.

My Ramona is an enthusiastic climber but because I planted her in the curb to crawl on a 4ft trellis leaning on the *NO Parking* post, I couldn't allow her to climb any higher. Her deeper color would be great contrast to the Chelone's pink & perhaps giving her a taller trellis or obelisque, she might fill the bill. I'll have to get another one as I don't want to relocate 7y/o Ramona from where she is quite happy & showy.

BTW I also have Marie Boisellot ~ another enthusiastic climber & bloomer ~ again I've not had a chance to see her crawl up a tall trellis as she is along a low fence - given a taller trellis she probably would. Beautiful white blooms w/ equally beautiful vines!

Thanks again for your input!!!

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roseberri, z6(6)

You are welcome, though I wasnt much help! I have looked online at Marie B. as I have a Guersey cream on an arbor with a Dortmund rose and was having trouble with GC blooming, but it is doing better so I will keep it that way for now.

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Thanks just the same for your input roseberri!

In my trying to search for ideas I ran into MSU (Michigan State Univ) Horticulture Extension dept. entitled *An Introduction to Clematis* it even gave a list of a few p/s Clems, pruning guide, planting guide as well as container growing guide. Altho does not replace a book, was quite helpful reading!

I'm thinking of *Huldine* ~ another vigorous climber from reading in this forum. I have all winter to keep hoping for other Clem gardeners to chime in.

I wish to give the Ruby-thoated Hummer that has really staked this site since last year, a bit of shade from our mid-day blazing sun. They are quite territorial, 2 females have taken possession of 2 other nectar cafes I have provided elsewhere in the p/s backyard & another pair hovers around the feeder in protected front yard. The population has increased this year & am trying to encourage it!!!

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