Meyer Lemon blooms were ripped off please help!

tamela_star(Zone 7)June 27, 2013

I received a beautiful Meyers lemon tree for mothers day and I grow it in a large pot in my front yard where it gets full sun all day. I had plenty of flowers and a small lemon on it until someone came along and picked off all of my flowers and the small lemon. I was furious when this happened. We don't have any deer where I live but the day before there were a couple of kids that came in the yard looking at it. The next day the pot was moved and every flower and small lemon was gone. It's hot and humid here I live and we get thunderstorms some evenings. How long do the flowers take to grow back? Baltimore summers are actually like Florida summers, so I hope it doesn't take long for flowers to grow again.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Well, that's really a shame, tamela. Sorry to hear you have some nasty kids in the neighborhood. Can you put your tree somewhere else, like behind a fence? Meyer lemons tend to rebloom, but it might take several months. And, if you're in Baltimore, your zone 7A, not zone 8A I don't think. I lived in Columbia, MD, and you're just not that warm in the winter, even at the coast. Definitely humid in the summer, but you can get snow during the winter.

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: USDA by Zip Code

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In my experience in my home garden, and from reading, meyer lemon is easy to care for compared to other citrus. It blooms and fruits a lot more easily than other kinds of citrus trees that I've owned. If it's a healthy plant, which it sounds like it is, then the heat and humidity will likely cause it to put out more flowers very soon (within two weeks I'd wager). The plant will know it's not sending energy to flowers and fruit anymore, and will likely compensate by blossoming (possibly combined with new vegetative growth). Fertilize it if you haven't recently, which will help encourage growth.

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Thanks for the help. It's been very hot in the mid 90's and humid. The last time we went to Florida, Baltimore was hotter while Florida stayed in the upper 80's. I will definitely fertilize it this evening at sunset. I've been checking it each day. It was covered in flowers when it was in bloom, and it looked like more lemons were developing before they were plucked off. I wish I could've caught the kid in action because at least I would still have some left. I really hope it will rebloom in a couple of weeks. I might move it in the back yard if I need to. My front yard isn't fenced in, but other people haven't had this problem. The day before this happened, a little girl was in my garden moving pots around and collecting slugs. (gross) When I came outside she ran out of the yard and went home. I have no clue where she lives.

Patty I live in Dundalk which is closer south and closer to the water. Zone 7a is in the mountains and PA line which is northern Baltimore county. Ive checked the zoning map a few times and it says my particular location was 8a. I thought it was odd as well, but it's still way too cold in the winter. My zone 8 plants come back for me each year. Yes we do get snow in the winter but nothing as heavy as other parts of the county. My lemon will be indoors in the winter, and I will spray it with water every day. Hopefully it will do well. That tree is special to me.

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Have faith. My experience with Meyers is they tend to bloom every time I fertilize them; and if you cut off the blooms, they usually just make more blooms. If you want to remove the fruit, or thin it; you have to wait until the fruit is set at about BB size or a bit larger.. after the pistels have fallen off.

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Thanks for your help. Well I've been unable to care for my garden since last weekend I was in the hospital and needed surgery. Fortunately, my husband took over and he noticed that it has a bunch of new leaves. I'm hoping to get my flowers and lemons soon. He did add miracle grow to it. How often should we fertilize it?

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