Summer Peach Tree Watering, Please help!!!!

MrThomas85June 27, 2012

Please Help, I have had my Peach Tree since March. It was in a 24inch box and had lots of fruit!!! Now going into June with extreme heat up to 115 degrees every day. It looks like the peach tree is dying..... I have been deep watering every other day the whole month of June. But it still looks like it is dying!!!! Please help!!! I don't know if I am watering to much or not enough... Every time I water I fill the Well up, Is this right????

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Could have a root problem or Peach Twig Bore; I would say it is a goner; but you would find much more wisdom on the Fruit and Orchard forum.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Someone please tell me why AGAIN why people who live in the hottest and driest part of the country surround plants with masonry walls and no mulch? :-(

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In his defense the masonry wall probably came with the house.

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rhizo_1 I decided, not to put mulch because in Arizona we have a big "SCORPION" problem which happens to love mulch... I have another peach tree that did the same thing last year. Now Its growing really nice, even though its 115 degrees....

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