How Close is Too Close? Clematis Filigree in front of Vining Clem

shannababy(5b)August 14, 2013

Hi All,
This Forum is so quiet compared to last year! I do have a question though.
I have a raised bed that I set up last year with Concrete stone against a fence, Some of the clematis do fine at the base but some have had the leaves burnt off the first 8 inches coming off the ground till they hit the green Vinyl coated wire fence behind them. I'm thinking the the concrete stone is radiating to much heat and frying them.
Like I said some are fine like the jackmanii, some not so good and the bottom of stems really look like crap before giving way to lush green leaves once it hits the fence.
I really want to plant some non-climbing mounding Clematis plants in front oft them to give some shade next year. I'm thinking I'd have to stagger them in between existing clematis plants so that the mounding Filigree clematis plants kinda shades the concrete.

Would this work? I realised I would maybe have to remove some existing clems to make room as I already have them planted about 8 inches apart.
Does anyone have any other ideas? Another idea I toyed with was Maybe leaving the Mounding clems in Some brown pots and just tuck them in between existing pots but I'm in Zone 5 and don't think they'd overwinter in pots well here.
I have lots of room in the center of the beds and will def have to put in some pavers next year once i fill in with more plants..

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opheliathornvt zone 5

I see what you mean about brown leaves until the plant reaches the fence, so I think you might be right about the heat. I think I might try a mounding clem between two of those and see what happens. I think no one can really tell you what will happen and this may be a time for some experimentation on your part. Are you sure the clems you have planted are only 8" apart? It looks like more to me, but maybe the photo is misleading. I've never overwintered clems in a pot in our zone unless they were buried up to the pot tops in soil, but when I've done that, I've had very good luck. Again, you may have to try and see what happens, but I wouldn't do it unless you can sink them somewhere for the winter.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I also think the concrete stone is reflecting too much heat. Why do you have the stone there? You might remove it to use somewhere else or cover it with mulch to cut down on sun/heat reflection. Eight inches sounds too close together to me. I have mine set two feet apart along a chain link fence and they spread wide and intermingle blooms and stems.

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