Any ideas for 'unobtrusive' wire supports on cedar posts?

sweetpea_path(Z8 WA maritime)August 4, 2009

Greetings fellow clem lovers!

Ok, gotta problem...small one...but would like to hear your ideas. We've got a new pergola going up that has several 6"x6" rough-sawn cedar posts which are destined to be the new climbing homes for clems. I'm trying to come up with a system for adding wire to these posts for the tendrils to easily grab BUT I want the system to be as unobtrusive as possible. Meaning, I don't want to surround the posts with wire fencing material or anything like that. The cedar is really beautiful and we want to be able to see it (until its covered with vines, of course :>) One thought is to install eye bolts intermittently up the posts and then thread 16-18 gauge wire through it. This will take a lot more time to install but I'm thinking the overall look will be one of minimal hardware.

If I go with this system, could someone give me a suggestion for spacing?

Any other suggestions/opinions are more than welcome! And thank you.

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Run eye screws up the post, set about 8 -12 inches apart, then string 14 or 16 gauge wire through the eyes. Wind the wire around the end eyes or use a wire tightener to keep the wire tight.

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The other thing you could do is spray paint the wire to match the background of what the wire is in front of. Use a colored Rustoleum flat or satin. I use a tan color , against my treated wood deck railings. I think it looks less noticeable.

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Try high test fishing line rather than the wire. One, it is virtualy invisible and two, it won't heat up in the sun like wire can and damage tender new growth.

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karalyn(Z6 W. Boise)

I was going to post the 18 gauge wire. Trust me, you will not see it! I know that by experience. Sounds nice, your cedar structure.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

gardengal always has such great ideas. fyi to others but not for you: on our driveway, we have an antique dark green painted pergola/entrance into our gardens We grow potted clematis up its posts, first wrapping black plastic melon netting around the posts and securing it w/ dark green twist-ties.

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