Newbie Winners! And Bootie!

kasha77November 21, 2010

Congratualtions to the 5 Newbie Contest Winners!






I've spent most of the day labeling, packaging and getting your cuttings ready for shipping tomorrow. I've included more than 25 cuttings in each box, and they are jammed full! If you haven't paid for your s&h for your box to go out, please email me. Thanks everyone and enjoy those brugs!


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That's a truly impressive sight! What a labor of love Kathy.

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kathi_rogers(6a - NE Oklahoma)

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Wow Kathy, thank you so much for your generosity!

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Congratulation, newbie winners. You're getting some great brugs there.

Kathy, just looking @ that table makes me tired!!! LOL! Better you than me! ;-)

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Thanks guys- It took me 2 days to get everything ready. But I really enjoy helping newbies get their start in brug collecting! By the way- I have not heard from Huneybunny yet about her box- if she doesn't claim it within a week (Wed Dec 1st)I will gladly give it to someone else. If interested, contact me by email for more details.

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Thank you again. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Tally HO!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Looks like the Thanksgiving table has been set!

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Hi Kathy,
Wow, after seeing those pictures and hearing all the time and TLC involved, I feel like I should have sent you aditional $$. What I can do for you, is return the generosity you showed me by sending out a couple boxes of free cuttings when it is time to prune mine. "Pay it forward, right!". I am having a ball going thru pics and I.D. them to the cuttings I got. With 28 HUGE cuttings, this will surely take a while! Did I tell you that I also got 2 HUGE Nebel's Rainbow plumeria cuttings? Those came Monday, then 3 tropical fruit trees on Wednesday and now I have a couple jade cuttings on there way. I surely will be busy this winter!
I am hoping to keep at least 1/2 of the cuttings you sent in a bucket with perlite and water. I have flourescent lights that I am not using. I guess i will be now! my basement stays in the 50's for most of the winter till around January and February. Hopefully this will be good enough to keep them going till spring.
Thanks again

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Huneybunny Has claimed her box- so that's it for this year!

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