Meyer Lemon Leaves turning yellow and new leaves curling

wuensme(8)June 27, 2012

Can anyone please take a look at the attached photo of my Meyer Lemon and tell me what might be wrong?

I've had it about a year and in general has done fine but more recently it has yellowing leaves and new leaves are curling up and have whitish stains on them, kind of like hard water stains. I have fertilized it with the lutz citrus spikes. I sometimes notice very tiny web like filaments but I have never seen any actual pests on the tree.

Any help is appreciated.


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Looks like spider mites; you won't see them without a good magnifying glass. A good wash outside or in the shower will go a long way to getting rid of them.

My advice... lose the fertilizer spikes and replace with a good soluble citrus fertilizer applied 3-4 times per year according to the label. Your tree looks to be a little underfed; and unhealthy trees are more susceptible to spider mites. I would also get a good foliar fert. and give your tree an application of that about every 15 days; I like Bayer Bayfolan Forte; lots of container growers here use Foliage Pro... there are others.

Your tree looks a bit leggy; I am guessing it gets less light than it would like.

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