Any ideas about what the problem is with my clem? Pic

kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)August 1, 2012

This is Madame Julia Correvon in a whiskey barrel. She has done awesome all season, bloomed beautifully, and even just had a smaller bloom recently. This is her 2nd full year with me. She is planted in a mix of Miracle Grow Potting MIX, peatmoss, perlite, vermiculite, pine fines, slow-release fertilizer, Osmocoted this spring and top dressed with compost/composted cow manure too. I did add a small sprinkling of Tomato Tone a couple weeks ago and watered in. She is planted on the southwest side of my house in full sun almost all day long. Performance has been fine but now she is developing these yellow mottled leaves all over. The mottling seems to be on all the older leaves and none of the newer leaves.

Could it be a nutrient deficiency? Spider mites? I don't see any evidence of webbing all over the leaves though. Hmmm... Not sure and I don't want to add anything else and stress her out more.

Any ideas?


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

that does not resemble nutrient deficiency nor spider mite damage to me. I don't see how she could be lacking nutrients with all that you listed...

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Well, I don't get it either :) She certainly bloomed fine this year! Loads of blooms! And so healthy all year until this yellow spotting.

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I lost one Rosemoor completely this year. I cut it back hard to remove infected (wilt?) but the other Rosemoor got the same disease unfortunately. It didn't die back completely like the other one. I keep watering the first one and have seen no sign of growth. I'm wondering if I should dig them up and plant them deeper as some report that this helps clematis' vigor. If so when is the best time to move them. While I'm babbling on about clemat�s I have another ? My husband built me a beautiful arbor so I promptly bought 4 new clematis from Bluestone Perennials last spring. I have generally been pleased with their plants. However the 4 of them have done nothing all summer. They havent died but neither ave they grow. What did I do wrong? Any suggestions insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

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I'm thinking this is weather related. Very bright light & other local climatic changes can decrease chlorophyll production leaving yellow patches.

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I tend to agree w/ gary11 ~ could be a delayed reaction to the heat-wave we experienced this season. Despite the regular waterings even my roses are showing reactions a bit later, I think. Perhaps wait it out a bit.

Good luck!!!

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