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rainydaywoman_z8(8)November 25, 2009

Would anyone like to trade a cutting or two? The only thing I have to trade is datura seeds. I have datura metel, which has fragrant white blooms and grows to approx 5'x5'. It is a beautiful, tropical-appearing annual plant that puts out tons of seed. As you probably already know, it is in the same family as brugmansia, and would look good with a grouping of brugs.

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Carful. The datura don't like the same treatment as the brugs. I lost some double purple dats because of that. (Yep, and I was warned about it too.)

The dats don't like to be bothered, and they don't like to be fed as much or watered as much as the brugs.

and, there are some diseases which can transfer which will decimate your brugs. I never had the problem, because my dats died. (grin)

Ya wanna know what is funny? You can root shave a brug, and it won't pout. But, just repot a dat? It drops its buds and starts over, throwing a temper tantrum.

The more you experience both, the more you realize how very DIFFERENT they are. Hard to believe at one point, as recently as the early to mid 1990s, they had them catagorized as the same type of plant.

But the dats truly are amazing in their own right.

I'm going to do more dats next year on the other side of the house where the sun blazes unmercifully. I'm also going to try some dats at the summer place, on an dirt (clay) island in the yard we refer to as "hell on earth." Gruesome, all day sun beating and pounding on it, from sun rise to sun set. Just gruesome.

Elephant ears worked well there last year. Holes dug, back filled with dirt and seaweed, the clay underneath acted like a "water bowl" and held them damp.

Perfect spot to try dats though. And some hardy hibiscus.

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