dad's kumquat

houstontexas123(z9a)July 11, 2012

pretty much all the kumquat trees i've seen are potted, and only 2' maybe 3' tall. my dad had this tree for quite a few years in a 5 gal pot kept it prune to about a 2' bushy tree. a few years ago he planted it inground. it is now about 6.5' tall. thought i'd share with yall.

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Beautiful tree; I have seen them 24 feet tall; still beautiful and soooo productive. Sorry to say most just enjoy the color and do not enjoy the fruit. BTW is that a Plumeria in the white pot? You have to be careful about that on the citrus forum... some people are sensitive to "invasive" plants...LOL

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Wow, this is a very handsome kumquat tree!. It looks like has a lot of fruits on it already. I love kumquat friut.

John, I know what your "invasive" Plumeria means from other thread, LOL. You have sense of humor.

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Please don't spread it around that I might have a sense of humor; I am already in enough trouble here.

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yes, it has quite a few fruits on it, and it has some blooms on it too, kinda hard to see.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Houstontexas,

Love the look of your Kumquat!! Looks like it likes it surroundings there at your dad's house.

Everything looks great.

Even the scared must know that eyes are on her and she can feel that she is not welcome here... LOL!!!

Good to see such beauties here on the Citrus forum!!!

Take care and continue to grow all of your beauties ;-)

Always love to see you post!!!

Take care,


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Hi Laura! Good to see you! I agree with you:-)

Houstontexas, that is a wonderful looking tree. I wish I could grow a tree as big and beautiful as that. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

What are those white flowers on those plants against the house. I love them. Are they fragrant? Boy, look at all those plants!


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i believe those are Texas Spider Lilies. i've never smelled them, so couldnt tell you if they're fragrant or not.

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