Nippon Orangequat

Karly30July 17, 2011

Where do I get one of these babies?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Clifton's Nursery :-)

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clifton's Nursery: Nippon Orangequat

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Thanks Patty, you're the best! anybody growing one of these?

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How is it different from sweet kumquat? How big do the fruit get? Is the tree as small as limequat/kumquat?

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Anyone with one of these? Just spotted a couple of them at Costco

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molewacker z9b Napa CA (No.SFBay)(9b Danville E(SF)Bay CA)

Excellent fruit for martinis and snacks. I have a total of three of them in two different locations.
Mine are from Menlo Growers and on dwarfing rootstock and grown as a privacy hedge. They are frost and freeze tolerant.... and very productive.

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RyanLo(NC 7B)

I've got one too. A fun citrus to grow because of the vigor, nice looking dense tree, dark orange almost red fruit(later in the season), prolific producer & bloomer. Its alot like Meyer, not in the fruit but, the way it grows. If its not holding enough fruit it will bloom and bloom throughout the summer, until its holding so much fruit at multiple stages of ripeness(at least for me it dose). The drawback is the fruit is only moderately useful, I have had them at all stages of ripeness and the best is very late, like now or later, They hold well on the tree for fresh eating the begin to sweeten by this time and even beyond. The fruit get the size of golf balls or tad bigger, they are juicy, many seeds, have sweet skin with some slight bitterness/aftertaste the flesh is as sour as a lemon if you pick them before around March(depending on your climate)

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Thanks for the info!

I decided to pick one up after finding some info about them. Read they were tasty in a glass of water for a taste different than lemon or lime.

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