short-lived blooms

GeorgeCBrooksNovember 29, 2012

My 3 year old B. sanguinea has grown to a great height, and seems healthy in its environs except for one thing: the blooms barely last a day before fading and dropping. Soon after opening nicely in full color I can see the corolla fade, and within 36 hours it has been shed, leaving behind an unsightly calyx with stigma sticking out. This has happened to every bloom since I have had the shrub. Everywhere I walk here in San Francisco I see various types of Brugmansia with long-lived blooms hanging for weeks.

Has anyone had this problem, or know a cure??

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Sounds to me like it's a very successful pollinating factory going on! :) If the stigma continues to hold, you'll be covered in seed pods! If you don't like them, cut them off!

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I think you are exactly right, Kathy. I would love it if my Brugs pollinated like that. I have never raised Sanguineas so I am just guessing, though.

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Thanks, I do cut them off. I can leave a few on as an experiment, but my real goal of course is to induce the blooms to persist.

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