Jade stem cutting/pruning

lenle(4)September 12, 2012

Despite my erring on the side of "too dry" versus "too wet" (and losing a number of stems), this jade hasn't yet bit the dust. I'm happy to say it's developed a nice little root system (more than what was originally there, no less) and there hasn't been any more stem loss. The leaves are still slightly soft to the touch, but I expect that to cure itself as the root system continues to develop.

My question now is: I would like to try and pretty this jade up a little. It's in an awkward shape now and I don't see that resolving itself on its own. I originally wanted to prune this down with an eye toward "filling" it in, though with the branches that I have to work with, I don't know how likely that will be. So to compensate for that, I was thinking I might be able to cut one of the side branches off and possibly root that for a "fresh" start.

I've attached a few photo's that hopefully give a good idea of what I'm working with, and welcome any and all suggestions.

Back view:

Front view:

Side view of lower, smaller branch:

Side view of larger, upper branch:

Ideally, I'm thinking of snipping the larger, upper branch. But would that leave the remainder of the jade too lopsided? Would the branch even root and produce leaves given time and patience?



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stuckinthedirt(6b VA (Shenandoah Valley))


You can prune it however you like to get the shape you want, and at the same time take the parts you cut off, and root them for new plants. If you want to prune it severely I just suggest going slowly. Every few days trim off some more till you get shape that you like.

Each piece cut off the original plant can be turned into a new plant. Just put the end of the stem from the cuttings into a pot with well drained soil, and keep slightly moist. Somewhere between a few weeks and a few months you will start to see new growth. Keep the cuttings out of direct sunlight until the new plant is established. If you try with a larger cutting, you will just ned to stake it until the roots can support it. I have had great success with cuttings, and have given away many new plants made this way.

Wish you success.

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If I do snip off the larger of the two branches, how close to the main trunk should I cut it? I'd like to leave a stump if possible, to at least give it a chance to grow a side shoot (if not branch back out longer). Am I correct in believing you should cut as close to a "ring" as possible as the cut end dies back to the closest ring?


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Jeni, cut close but not too close to the ring of the node.
I like to leave an 1/8 inch bit of stub.

Lookin' good.


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