OT:pics of what I did this weekend

fool4flowers(8)November 8, 2009

Getting the hang of the tractor on John's land before I tear up the yard, lol. I had forgotten how beautiful it is up there and can only imagine once we have cleared far enough up the hill to enjoy the real view. Drove up to the top where our land stops and saw some of Lucy's friends, lol. I can't wait to clear out the grotto with the natural spring. Its really grown up now so couldn't get a pic but remember it from several years ago. Once we clear out the junk trees I want to dig a natural pond and plant ferns and things. Its protected on 3 sides and about 15 feet into the side of the mountain. Went fishing for a while yesterday with John. Caught a few fish but the sunset was worth going. It was beautiful. Click to enlarge the pics.

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taz56(z8 Ga.)

That is so awesome, I love the deer photo's!
All that's gonna be so pretty,when you are
threw, you go girl!

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Kristy I would say you got the hang of it!! That tractor is great huah :-)
But I do love the deer pictures lol. They are such beautiful creatures! Just darn hungry ones lol

LOVE LOVE the sunset and hope you are ok with me putting that peace spreading picture on the desktop.


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That looks like fun Kristy, and the land looks fantastic. So what did those beautiful deer eat from the garden, LOL! Spectacular photo of the sunset, thanks!

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Geez Kristy, you've got some property huh? Gorgeous photos too. I almost thought the line of deer at the house were a bunch of decorative deer till I saw the one in the grass leading the pack! Hope to see finished product photos,

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Kristy I am still trying to figure out WHERE that is. Got to be close by, hence the deer and the house lol. AND it is ON TOP of one of the 5 hills surrounding it lol


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Sounds like a wonderful day, Kristy! Fabulous sunset.

You have some great ambitions for that property!

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haase(10 CA)

Kristy you truly are in God's country. Enjoy!

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marquest(z5 PA)

That is going to be gorgeous, and I think you have the hang of that baby. LOL

I was excited when I got my 4 acre property and had so many plans. I thought I finally have enough land to garden and look at the cute deer. They are not so cute now all the land I thought I had to plant seems to be 4 acres of feeding ground for the deer. They ate all my ferns and hostas, ate the rose bush to the ground.

So far nothing seems to work tried everything on the market and a homemade recipe I found on GW. I sprayed every night and still they act like it is salt and pepper that I put on the plants. I now have a dog I will see if that keeps them back

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Kristy - That tractor is great and the sunset is true Texas perfection.

marquest - The dog has to stay out all night to keep the deer away. The only way is to create areas that the deer cannot get to. Small enclosures that they won't jump into and a deck with more than two steps.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Absolutely Gorgeous Darling!!!
Look at you go!!! LOL I can't wait to get the tour..


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Yes everywhere I want to plant things will have to be fenced eventually. We plan to put a new shop there at the bottom and will fence an area for the plants. That 4 1/2 acres really looks huge from the top. Lucy if you go past the shop and start up the hill our property is right past the church on the right side of the road and goes all the way to the top where the houses up there are. I think the road is High Chapparel up there. Someone built a garden at the top edge of his land. He showed me the stakes where his property ends and I guess the people with the house thought they owned all the way to where the cliff drops off but they don't. There are massive boulders up there that are really beautiful but it would take a crane to move them, lol. I'll be satisfied with a walking trail and clearing around up there to sit and look over the valley. Brought home a nice holey rock to plant some small sedums or something in to place by the pond. The deer in the pic look fake but they aren't. They go right on peoples porches and in the garages if you leave the door open. The only thing I have found they don't bother much is mums and lantana. Its big dreams but maybe I'll win the lottery one day, lol. Right now its just nice to have it cleared enough to drive up there. Planted a bunch of wildflower seeds and going to take the bushhog up there and cut some of the tall grass so I can see them in the spring. I'd like to have the water tested in the spring. Its right across from the old pony express and stagecoach stop. Wouldn't it be cool if our town was named after the little cove with the copperas water on our property. It would be the closest source of water to that original settlement. Cat tails are growing in there right now but no other pretty plants. I'm itching to dig out a deeper pool, lol. If it will support them I would like to have fish in there someday.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Kristy - such wonderful vision you have for your place there.

There are lots of things the deer don't eat, you do have to experiment a lot and lose some things. They ignore all salvias, including indigo spires. Blackfoot daisy also goes untouched, too. They don't eat brugs or dats either.


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