Unrealistic catalog image?

maryneedssleep(5a (PA))August 2, 2010

I realize many nursery catalogs use ridiculous, artificial images to promote plants (this guy collects examples), but I stumbled upon this image and fell in love:

I was wondering if something similar might be possible. Your thoughts? I have never planted clematis before.

That particular example seems to be mixing Group 2 and 3 cultivars, which I should avoid, right? (Can't buy from that company anyway, as it's British and I live in the U.S)

I have room for them on one leg of a grape trellis. I would put some kind of wire around the trellis post... about what diameter would I need for about 4 cultivars? How far apart do I want to space the plants? Any tricks for training them to cover the wire as thickly as that picture? How many plants do you think they used?

Some questions on cultivars, would love your thoughts--Pruning Group 2 seems to have larger flowers than Group 3, but are they really much more susceptible to wilt?

Combinations I thought might be good (I would like to pick one group or the other):

Group 2 -- Nelly Moser, Kingfisher or Lasurstern or Multi Blue, Rebecca, Fireworks, Guernsey Cream

Group 3 -- Jackmanii Superba, Ville de Lyon, Rhapsody, Ramona

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

That image is unrealistic for sure. Very Photoshopped.

Ville de Lyon is not in that picture by the way, and Multi-Blue is the wrong color.

They don't even flower at the same time. Multi-Blue and Nelly are done long before Ville de Lyon and Jackmanni start.

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katie(Zone 8a NoCA)

For your first foray into the clematis group you may want to pick from Group 3 clematis. They are easier to prune, just cut back in the winter to 12" to 18". They will also work their way into your grape vines as they get older and larger.

Any and all color combinations seem to work. I love blue/purple with light blue. I even like reds with pinks because most reds are magenta or wine colored.

I put green vinyl wire loosely around my posts. They love to cling and climb on the wire. I put 2-4 clematis around each post.

They don't like competition from other roots such as trees. They do love good amended soil (like chicken manure) and frequent watering when it's dry and hot.

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