Brug's cutting's,still looking

mld9373November 9, 2009

Hello all

I've been looking for brug's cutting for the last two months on a couple of forums with no luck at all. could someone please send me a couple of brug's cutting's. any color will work. i will store these cutting inside for the winter.



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Have you checked the plant exchange page? I've seen several offers for brug cuttings over the past few weeks.

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I can send you a couple of NOIDS for postage. Send me an

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I have a few rooted cuttings if you'd like them for postage cost. Just let me know I have painted lady, eternity, adora, axel rose, i may still have a small doosie too. send me an email. ( Also what part of TX do you live?

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

on GardenWeb--brugmansias.

Would you be interested in trading brugmansias. I have several that you did not list.


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Hi - I can't, get rid of my no i.d. brugs.
And, I am only looking for regular plants.
I looked at your trade page ,but it's empty.
What, do you have to trade? Maybe, we could
work something out ??? Let me know....
Thank you. tina_2

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tina....that is a shame that you can't get rid of your noid brugs. I personally think they are more pretty than some of the doubles/triples that are out there...JMHO.


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Hi - Why, thank you Linda! I just love them,
named or not....
The person looking for brugs, has no email
on his trade page. I guess, mld9373 has not
checked back here either.
So, good luck anyway. tina_2

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