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magialunaAugust 13, 2008

First off, I apologize for my first post being a help question, but I really have read all over, and I am still confused. I'm a gardener of roses, brugmansias, orchids, bromeliads, a ton of hummer plants, the usual pretties, and fruits and veggies, so I'm usually the one answering the questions, lol. However, I've never grown a clematis before. I moved from Tampa Bay to red clay, USA Ga.

I bought a C. 'The President' at Lowes that was potted quite nicely with its own small trellis. From what I understand I can drop it in my red sandy clay here if I beef up the hole with plenty of humus, and if I understand this correctly it will come back up after winter from the roots and climb up the larger wrought iron trellis I have by the hole. (We've put in a 20x40 garden that gets full sun.) Oh, and winter is bizarre here: 18 one night and back up to 70 the next week for days..back & forth. It never snows, but it does freeze Jan-Mar.) I have a big greenhouse I move a lot it contains part of Tampa Bay I couldn't leave behind, but from what I read that would be bad for the clematis due to the warm temps.

Here's where I get confused: I read that it's an early small flowered group or class, BUT it blooms on to fall. Now when I look at the parameters for groups or classes it really fits in more than one, so I'm confused about which pruning time slot to follow once it needs pruning?

Any input would be greatly appeciated, thanks!

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

The President is considered a pruning group 2. It will bloom on the old wood in the spring and then again later in the summer or fall on the new wood. You don't have to prune it at all or you can hard prune it every year depending on when you want your plant to bloom. Clematis are slow starters, so don't expect too much from it the first couple of years. A lot of clematis growers recommend you hard prune your clematis the first or second springs to encourage multiple branching. You may have to plant it where it gets afternoon shade in your hot climate. It is a very pretty clematis. I really love mine. I have mine growing with a golden jasmine. This is the rebloom on the new wood that is blooming in my garden now.

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Thanks so much for the quick response flowerfan2. :) This plant was blooming when I bought it, and it's continued to bloom. (It's got several flowers right now.) It's already got several runners (if that's the stalk?)

Ok, a bit of shade to ward off excess heat, gotcha. I'll adjust where I was going to plant it then, and back off the pruning idea. Thanks again for your help. I look forward to getting to know you all.

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carolfm(z7upstate SC)

Magialuna, I grow mine in full sun in hot, humid South Carolina and they do fine. You should be able to plant them where you originally planned to. We have those freaky winters too, ice storms followed by a week of temps in the 70's :-). The clematis die back during the winter but new shoots push up every spring. Plant them with the crown under the soil and they will return reliably. They really aren't as difficult to grow as touted. I have over 50 clematis of all types planted among the roses and other plants in my garden. They get the same water and fertilizer as my other plants, nothing special. They do take a couple of years to make a real show so be patient.


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I should also note that The President is one of the best type 2's in terms of constant flowering. Most don't do this after their first flush in the spring. Good choice!

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