Question on shipping brug cuttings

ruthzNovember 16, 2010

I'm going to be cutting a couple of my brugs as soon as they stop blooming and wanted to ship a few cuttings (4 to 6).

What size do you cut them?

Can they be shipped safely in a large bubble envelope or should I use a flat rate box?

Do you wrap wet paper towels around one end or the entire cutting?

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I try and cut them about 8" or longer. Some are a bit shorter but as long as there's several leaf nodes they'll grow just fine. If I'm sending cuttings within the same postal zone that I'm in I will sometimes use a padded envelope but I do slide the cuttings into cardboard tubes first. Depending on the weight I might send it first class mail within the same zone because it will get there in the same 2-3 days as Priority. If a box is over 1 lb you have to use Priority. Don't use a flat rate box. It's a rip off. I can get a couple pounds of cuttings into a priority triangular mailing box and it's only $9.50 to go cross country. Those same cuttings would require a large flat rate box and you'd be paying about $15. Only wrap the bottom few inches of the cuttings.

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chena(z8 Texas)

If your shipping you may want to just avoid the green tip cuttings.. They don't always travel that well.. Once you wrap in the wet paper towel you need to wrap it with plastic wrap also.. I guess that is a no brainer ..LOL thought I would mention it tho.. ;0)


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LOL Kylie! -Is- it a no brainer? The last 2 years I have shipped cuttings just tossed in the box, to Washington State from NC. Nobody has had a problem getting them to root. I'm just extremely lazy. LOL *Wishing I hadn't sent some of those green tips but was trying to STUFF the box* :)

Also... I just have to be difficult today for some reason... :) last week I mailed a large flat rate box of cuttings to my sister. It would have cost 3 more dollars had I not used the flat rate box. The postmaster said that in this instance I was better off using the flat rate. So, it did sound like generally it isn't the cheapest route to go. Sheesh... sometimes postal rates can get so confusing! But, there's a lot of people in Washington State very happy as of yesterday.

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threas(z7 PA)

I use the postage calculator from the USPS. You just need the weight of the package and zip code.


Here is a link that might be useful: Postage Price Calculator

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I'll be sending the cuttings from TX. to LA..
Should get there in a couple of days.
I don't know how much they will weigh until I cut, but I'm sure it won't be over 2 lbs.

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chena(z8 Texas)

The best day to send IMHO is Sat.. if you are sending Priority .. It usually arrives on Monday..That cuts down on the travel time..

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