how long should i hold on this lime tree ?

khourshedJuly 2, 2012

I have this Lime tree (suppose to be grafted and monthly production of lime) for 4 yr now. What the group think should I keep holding on it or have life and replace it ?

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The color looks good; it looks a little like it wants more light/sun. What kind of fertilizer are you using and how often? Where do you live; and what variety of lime is it?

For esthetics, I would trim back the long shoots about halfway back to the main canopy; and the shoots touching the walls about 4-6 inches from the wall.

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Johnmerr, sun no issue here it is sunny here every day (SaudiArabia)
I am using NPK. recently i been adding a pinch of small pellets every 2-3 week after which it did show a nice growth as you see in the photo.
I did trim back the shoots as you advised.
It is grafted i wonder why no lemon so far it is almost 5 yr old. my wife been pushing to for termination
what do you think

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I think it's a beautiful tree, but personally, I only have trees that serve my purposes. That is to fruit, flower, and smell good.

If it does not flower or fruit after you have exhausted all possibilities and that is your sole reason for it, I would terminate or give another tree that preferred sunny area and give that tree another spot for its beautiful greenery. You never know, after 5 years, it might surprise you if it is grafted as you said.

By the way, it's nice to meet you :) hoping all things are ok across the pond for you.


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Thanks Miike, i will look for MgSo4 it was recommended here i will not let here go with out trying it may be it will do the trick

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update with my Lemon tree;
responded very well to Jobe's Organic Citrus fertilizer
now do i need to trim it or let it go?

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It's beautiful. If it were mine, for balance I would take out the center shoot of the tallest shoot, leaving the fork; I would trim back the other two long shoots about 4-6 inches to encourage branching. Other than that, I might reduce the Nitrogen a little; your leaves are large for a lime and very dark green. Sometimes too much Nitrogen encourages growth rather than fruiting.

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