Most fragrant citrus?

marvelousmarvin(SoCal)July 15, 2007

I have an enclosed courtyard and I want to know what's the most fragrant and mediterranean citrus plant that I can get that will also grow well in a pot? Would it be the meyer lemon?

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Meyer's and Ponderosa are my two favorite citrus, both extremely fragrant. Fruit is huge, especially on the Ponderosa. Pon's look like grapefuit..Flowers grow large, too.
Is your courtyard sunny? Toni

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Just curious, why would someone want a giant lemon? I would guess most people would typically have use for maybe one small to medium sized one at a time, a large one would probably be mostly wasted.

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Californian, a nice, big, juicy fruit sounds good to me..(S)
Marvel asked which citrus we deemed most fragrant. The two I mentioned are those I place in this catagory.
To add to the smell, I like the looks of huge fruit growing on a tree..
There's a Ponderosa growing at a local conservatory I visit..I can look this plant over for hours. It's truly amazing, and so sweet-smelling..
On the other hand, Meyer's fruit isn't as large as Pon's, but again the flower smell is fantastic. I had a Meyer's for 14 yrs, and each yr the flowers were sweeter than the last..Toni

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jxbrown(z10/24 SD, CA)

The Meyer in my atrium doesn't go too long without a few flowers. Most other readily available citrus (I also have a Gold Nugget tangerine and a Tarocco blood orange) just bloom once in the early spring with perhaps a few blooms later again in the spring, but the Meyer blooms in flushes -- I have a couple of flowers right now.

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I love the smell of the Meyer lemon blooms. Both my Meyer's were small when I brought them home, but had plenty of blooms. We put them in the backseat to take home from the nursery and they filled the car with the most amazing, beautiful fragrance.

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Thanks everybody for the suggestions.

So, I guess the reason why I didn't really smell anything from the meyer lemon at the nursery is because it wasn't in bloom yet.

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Marvel, citrus smell their best when flowers have opened entirely. They emit a fragrance when buds begin to open, but faint.
Ironically, when I rub my finger and thumb across the leaves of a lemon, I detect a hint of lemon, though most ppl say they can't smell anything..The strongest fragrance was from a store-bought lemon I started from seed..It's never happened with oranges, limes etc. Ironic, huh? Toni

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My Honey Tangerine and Gold Nugget are the most fragrant in my yard. I just purchased the meyer lemon and it is not blooming yet so I cannot comment.


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I have key lime, limequat, persian lime, meyer lemon, and valencia orange trees.

Out of these the meyer and the valencia orange smell the best. The limes smell nice, too, but have a weak scent.

Herbolic that is a nice crisp picture. What camera do you have?

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Sorry, I do not know how to fix my post. I meant to say that my Honey Tangerine and Yosemite Gold were the most fragrant. I do not have a Gold Nugget yet, hoping to buy one so wishful thinking.


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