Off topic ebay seller Im curious!!!

jumpin4joy(zone8)December 9, 2009

Okay Ive got one for yall I placed an order on ebay and the guy had plant markers metal ones for .99 for 5 buy it now. shipping was 5.00. I bought 10 sets. I was under the impression ebay didnt allow padding on shipping. This guy emails me a 63.00 charge just for shipping and says it is fair. when I complained about this pice he said it dint include insurance and he will have to add more to the cost. That he makes up his difference lost in price through shipping. Am I wrong or him. I told him they would fit in a flat rate box easily. I also emailed him the rules that he wasnt allowed to pad shipping so he said he was gonna mail every item I got in a seperate envelope. I got a handful of seeds. I would get like 30 packages in the mail form one purchase. The invoice sent said all items were being shipped together. I told him he wasnt very enviromentally friendly and it was ridiculous to do it that way. I see others selling100 labels for 8.95 shipping and i was getting less than that. Sorry i had to vent. He just wont listen to reason. He has 100% feedback. I guess Im venting and making sure im not being a snot. I bought from him onetime before and he combined shipping bu it was a small order. Am I being to pushy and just need to cancel the order?

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chena(z8 Texas)

I would be Squawkin!!! That is crazy!!! I would cancel..
I am not sure exactly what labels you bought but I can give you a few links to check out..


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I'd cancel immediately. That's BS! I think $5 for one set was bad enough but $63!!!!! GMAFB

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

My thought also. You DO have a right to cancel your order within a certain time...even on ebay!! Been a while but I am sure it still is the same.

You know when I read markers...I thought oh bought from the same guy I did and got screwed. A while back I ordered markers and something else. Well I SWORE it had said you get 5 markers for the price. But you actually only got ONE for the price. SOMEWHERE in small print he had mentioned it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr boy I read EVERYTHING NOW!

let E bay know also. If he already send never know...REFUSE the package!

Sorry that you hooked up with a crook. When I browse e bay and I see offers for things saying : pay 1 dollar....I already know that SHIPPING will be outrageous. So I usually stay away. But HE IS DOWNRIGHT CRAZY!!


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Ouch, that hurts! Cancel immediately! Ridiculous that he would want to charge postage for each set separately to make up money. If they aren't going to be willing to take the chance that only one person will bid, then they should just put a "real" price on the item and sell as BIN.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

oh another thought...he is not MAKING up money...he is STEALING it!! That is robbery!!


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Cancel. Order from Gemplers. They have great prices and cheap or even free shipping. I get all my plant markers from them.
What a psycho! You see those sellers on the Judge shows being sued. The ratings mean nothing as far as I can tell, they did improve their system but it still favors the sellers.
Tally HO!

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Thanks everyone Thats what I will do... My jaw hit the floor and he argued that there was no way to ship any cheaper and he looked and techically he hadnt charged for packing materials or insurance so the shipping would be going up! I told him he was padding the shipping and he wasnt allowed. He just wanted to argue. anyhow I guess ill be calling ebay today.

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What did u buy? 6' 20 lb plant markers! lol I'd love to see the auction. Cancel and report it to Ebay. Save all correspondence and don't worry about negative feedback.

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thahalibut(Z-9 CA, SSZ-9)

My bet is ebay WONT help you. I just recently bought something that had FREE shipping & then was charged to ship. Seller wouldnt reply & ebay told me to pay the shipping that was FREE & file a complaint later. I couldn't believe they told me that, but then if I didn't pay ebay doesn't make $$ so I guess I can believe it. After a week I did pay the shipping. The filed a credit card dispute & got my item & the shipping cost back & promptly left bad feedback.

Sounds like you seller is a crook. I would no way pay that much to ship, but I would be prepared to get a unpaid item strike against me. But that really wont hurt you at all. I would take great pleasure in making their 100%+ feedback less than perfect! You as the buyer cant get -feedback so dont worry about that.

I too would like to see that auction & want to know what ebay says.
Good luck!

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Something similar happened to me once too with some coins. Taught me to always request a total before paying. Even if there is an issue when payment is already made, you can contact paypal directly, open a case and request a refund they will give it to may just a couple of weeks.
Good Luck crabs

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haase(10 CA)

Cancel at once and don't buy from this guy any more.
I don't stand for crap like that, I've learned my lessons.

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I forgot about the rules being changed. I don't like the new feedback policy.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

"he argued that there was no way to ship any cheaper"

Not true, the flat rate boxes from the post office can hold a lot of plant markers and the most expensive one is $14.95

This seller is wrong and you should be able to cancel. It's very important to email the seller before buying multiple items. Get the shipping cost in writing before buying.

I really like the new feedback because the seller can't threaten the buyer the way they used to.

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Please don't let this slide! People like this seller are parasites who will just continue abusing the unsuspecting if not reported. I just hope Ebay will actually do something. That really stinks!

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What a jerk! He doesn't deserve your order! Go elsewhere and enjoy some good business practice.

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What a joke! I was going to buy plant markers- but the cheapest way I've found is to buy surveyors' tape- write the name on it & tie it on! Comes in bright florescent colors so you can easily see it on the plant. Cancel now & save your money!

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Oh, this would chap my hide. I didn't know you could cancel an order, but I guess if it is a "buy it now" you probably could.

I love getting ebay on the live support. You can b*&^% away at them and keep it up. I would totally go after this person with whatever means you have. You may get a knock on your feedback but you can retort.

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I ended up ordering from Gemplers and I think I will be pleased. very reasonable 100 metal markers for 38.00 with shipping... anyhow the deal was canceled and he agreed to change his listing. Now he is selling the 25 for buy it now 25.00. Way to high. I appreciate the support. Seems like these days there are just to many battles to fight. I would have gotten a strike before I paid that!!! They were just the normal 10" markers. LOL 65.00 Ha!!

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

good to hear that this story had a good ending for you


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