Yellow Leaves on my Orange Tree, Help!!!!!

spinspinJuly 6, 2008

Hello, Citrus Gurus,

My orange tree must have got some problem. Please see attached picture. The leaves of the left most tree turned yellow and the tiny oranges are dropping!

There was an accident about a month ago. A sprinkler head close to this tree was broken. Since the sprinkler was covered by mulch, I didn't notice the broken head until the leaves turned yellow. I guess that is caused by over-watering. I stopped watering this tree after I found out and fixed the broken sprinkler. I though the way could give some time to let the soil dry. It seems like the leaves turns a little bit greener, but the yellowish leaves have never gone.

Recently, I noticed that the leaves turns to yellow again! I was wondering whether it was caused by no enough water? I didn't water it for about a month. But if watering is a cause, how come the other two orange trees with about the same size next to this tree look very healthy? Could no enough water cause any problem for this size tree? If it is caused by any diseases, how come only this tree is infected while all three trees are so close to each other?

Please help! I am really anxious because I don't want to lose such a big nice tree. Its fruits were so sweet! Thanks in advance for any advice.

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BTW, I am in California.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Possibly some type of iron or nutrient deficiency, Maybe?I'm not sure if this might be the problem,but this is a product that I use with good success whenever I have issues with yellowing leaves. I'm not an expert(and I also live in Florida) which may or may not make a difference. This might not be sold in your neck of the woods, but I'm sure there will be a similar product that you can find. I use this product per directions on the package. Good luck!!

Here is a link that might be useful: CHELATED CITRUS Nutritional Spray

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Well you have certainly over watered it, stressed it and possibly scorched it when it was stressed. Short of doing a deep root moisture test you have to guess when its ok to return to regular watering. Once you feel it is safe to give it water again I would recommend fertilizing it with a moderate to high Nitrogen fertilizer, something that is 2-1-1 ratio, and has some trace nutrients too.

Giving it a bit of shade might also not be a bad idea since it is clearly in a healing stage. Which also means you should keep a close eye on disease and insects since its more susceptible to it in this state.

Good luck, keep us posted.

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Thanks you all very much for your response. I will try to add some nutrient. But I am just wondering that if nutrient was the cause, how come the other two trees grow OK and did not turn yellow at all?

Also, for a 15 feet tall orange tree as this tree is, how robust it is? Would it easily die because of some damage? I though their root is deep enough to heal itself after the problem is fixed. I might be wrong though...


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We planted a Valencia last spring and got a LOT of rain and have had yellow leaves for about 6-8 weeks (rain stopped two weeks ago). My hub says fertilize or even transplant, I say it's new and overwatered and probably a little shocky-let her rest.

Any suggestions? How did you go, spinspin? Thank you.

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Looking at your picture, it looks like the yellow tree gets more sun earlier. Overwhelmed by sun? Maybe needs a little MORE water? Just guesses.

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