How deep should I plant Etoile Violette?

sam_lAugust 21, 2008

Hi, there. I just purchased Etoile Violette. It is a 1 gallon container and the plant is approximately 2 feet tall with leaves and a few flowers.

The instructions on the Monrovia tag state to set top of root ball slightly ABOVE ground level. However, in the past I had read that I needed to plant the clematis deep.

Also, I read that clematis are heavy feeders. If I am planting at this time of year (August 21), do I still fertilize.

Can this group 3 clematis be pruned in late fall after leaves drop? Or do I need to wait until March or April?

I am in Illinois, zone 5.

Please advise. (This is my first venture into any kind of on-line forum!)

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Hi, I would plant it 2-3 inches deeper than what it is in the pot now. Don't give it a lot of fertilizer as you want it to harden off before the cold weather comes. I would give it a little bone meal and mulch it well. You can prune it back after the leaves die back, but it might be better to wait until spring the first year. If you have a cold winter with little snow cover the plant will die back from the top down, so more top growth may be beneficial. Keep it watered well this fall. Etoile Violet is a very pretty one and very carefree. I am sure you will love it. Good luck with your clematis.

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I'm in z5 Illinois and I agree. Make sure your hole is large (12-18" if clay soil, less if loamy) and I wouldn't worry about any fertilizer at all right now. Just keep it watered. This is a great time to plant perennials like clematis in our zone, and you should prune it all the way to the ground in mid to late February or early March, before the leaf buds swell.

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