Miss Bateman and Vostok

jeanz5il(z5 IL)August 7, 2008

I ordered these in the Chalk Hill clearance sale. I am new like many posters. My first question is who ever grows these how do you like them? Second question can I plant them this September when I receive them? I am in zone 5, both would be near a fence or wall on the southside of my home. If I do plant them, do I plant 5" down below crown level? I searched for this answer but I understand it depends on the type of clematis when you can plant it. Thanks, I am getting excited to get more clematis.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Jean..the Clematis you'll be getting from Chalkhill can be planted when you receive them...they come in a pot and just plant them 2-3 inches deeper than the pot they are in ..just remember to water to keep them moist ..they should re-emerge next Spring with such vigor...Jeanne

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

I grow Miss Bateman and I really like her. It blooms from the bottom up and has never gotten leggy for me. It stays compact 5-6' and the blossoms are beautiful. It did get wilt the first 2 years but it outgrew it and has not had it since. I have never had any rebloom on it but it does bloom for a month in the spring.

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jeanz5il(z5 IL)

This is good news I can plant now. I have never overwintered plants in my garage and really don't like the idea anyway.
I would like to get a second clematis to grow near Miss Bateman that would bloom after its spring bloom. Can I plant
a class 3 near it? Any recommendations also would be helpful. I am planting Vostok in a different spot. Thanks.

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