What do I do with these?

hawkeye38(7bAL)September 29, 2012

My Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus is 2 summers old and is growing well with lots of green stalks (leaves), several drooping and several straight up. About a month or 2 ago it started producing many small shoots (see photo) which I thought were going to be flowers. I was so happy! It now looks like these shoots will just be more leaves. Oh well, maybe it will bloom next year. My question is: should I stake up the tall leaves or let them droop over by them selves? I'm afraid they will break! Will these new shoots be bloomers?


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I let them grow as they please...arching or straight up. It will quickly be obvious when the "nubbins" are actually buds rather than new growth. Do you grow it outside in summer? I've found you're almost guaranteed flowers when they have spent the summer out. They are real water guzzlers during that time, too. Your's definitely looks big enough to bloom anytime,though!

Denise in Omaha

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Round growth on these almost always indicates not enough light. That would also explain the lack of bloom. You appear to be making the plant very happy except for lack of natural light. If you do give it better light, acclimate it gradually. Dappled sun is best, in Penn. mine get full sun in the winter and are summered in the shade of a tree. Your conditions in AL will be somewhat different. Nice healthy plant, it just needs a bit more light. When the flat parts get a red edge to them, you know they are getting optimal light. But again, be careful about plunging it into bright sun, they'll burn in an hour.

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I suppose they know how to droop without breaking. Summer means morning sun and indrect afternoon sun. Lots of water.It's pretty much "death valley" in AL summer sun.

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