leaf problems

nathaniel4444December 20, 2012

Help please!

I have and had brugmansia with this problem. All the leaves are curling under? Some have wilty brow spots and cracks in leaves. I am growing them inside with a growlight, right now young plants 4 feet away 1000w, 21 celceus, good soil and drainage. Proper fertilzing. I have a lot of other plants and may have high humidity? I don't feel it and is very dryoutside. I read about edema? No idea what is going on please help.


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Nathaniel, I have no answers for you, but perhaps if you post a picture, the experts will be able to give you advice. Don't know what zone you're in, but if it's cold, lots strip all the leaves and let their brugs go dormant inside during the winter.

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