midnightsmum (Z4, ON)February 28, 2011

OK, I know that this is way, way OT, but do any of you buy fabric online? There are not any good sources locally, and I'm cheap anyways. I am talking about upholstery fabric mostly. I saw some gorgeous fruit fabric in a magazine - huge pears and foliage. I'd love to find something like that to cover my pink chair.....

TIA, Nancy.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I have, and my sister buys on line all the time (she is in Toronto). Mostly she buys from fabric.com - which is actually an outlet company in Atlanta and I can shop at the outlet stores they have. The problem now is postage. The postage has become killer.

When I was last in Markham we went to the Fabricland and they had an OUTSTANDING selection of upholstery fabric! It was a huge store, I was blown away to find it all in a "regular" fabric store. They had fabric with pears and foliage (we were buying new fabric for my Mom's kitchen chairs, so we were looking at that sort of thing). The prices were really great.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Aha, I will check them out. They are better in Toronto, as opposed to Ottawa.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

You are in Ottawa? There are some nice fabric stores in Montreal (or there used to be).
Toronto if you go has FANTASTIC fabric shops along Queen and some other places. The old world places with great selection. There is a place farther out on Queen St. West in Parkdale that is two stories and has the best selection of everything. I haven't been there in years but they were on a fairly recent episode of Designer Inc.

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

So excited - I found this fabric at, of all places, Walmart. I did a real good wander there yesterday - haven't taken the time in a while. I found a bunch of remnants, all not quite 2 metres, and priced at $9 each. It was all good, heavy upholstery fabric.

The fabric on the left will cover my blue chair - I'm 99% certain that it will be enough. The colour at the extreme left of the screen is closer to the actual colour. I will use the patterned material to make pillows, maybe a table scarf, to pull the LR together.
Here is the chair:

Now, what I end up with on the pink chair, only time will tell. Maybe a fruit pattern won't go with the geometric....

What do you think?


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

I think that will look smart, Nancy. You are lucky you still have fabric in Walmart. I have found some nice fabric at great prices there in the past, but they have taken fabric out of all our local Walmarts.
Are you going to cover the chairs yourself? I'm wondering how you would cover the back, with the indents? I've only covered a few things, all are simple and I've just had to make a square cushion cover or staple fabric right over what is already there. I've got a few more complicated pieces, which will be simple to do, just their shapes are more complicated. I have no idea how to cover them (and add a bit of padding too, one chair looks like it was home made...and not comfortable!)

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

ggg - I have done simple DR chairs before, this will be my first complicated one. I am pretty sure that I can take off what is there (in the blue chair) to use as a pattern. I am not too sure about the 'flutes', I am hoping to figure that out when I take it apart. I will take lots of pictures and share - there may be tears!!! I have added extra padding, and it is not too hard - I used kapok which was purchased at an upholsterer's and you kind of stuff it in and smooth it over. I have an electric stapler, which sure makes things easier. The pink chair may be more of a custom slipcover. It has too many complicated bits for me!! I realized that I have a boudoir chair that the geometric pattern might be perfect for, and boy, does it need covering. lol. Midnight used it to climb up to the bed, which requires more clawing and hauling as the years have passed.
The fabric at Walmart's here are nothing too fancy - usually polar fleeces, poplin and such. I noticed the other day that they now carry a lot of pre-cut quilting bits. The upholstery fabric was a tremendous find. Mind you, I was not spoiled for choice, but I sure like what I chose.


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memo(Zone 4B Nebraska)

This is an interesting project, Nancy! Have you finished the blue chair yet? Have you found an affordable fabric for the pink chair?


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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Hi Memo - no and yes! I have been moving, so still trying to get organized!! Of course, when you move, you find all kinds of things that you 'forgot' you had, so: I found a lovely ecru linen duvet cover, that I will use to cover the pink chair....as soon as I find all the floors in my new place!!


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I'm a bit of a fabric hound(and a yarn hound) so if you need more upholstery fabric - do check out Queen St. West in Toronto. Multiple shops dealing with all kinds of fabrics. Fabricland is of course every where. Have you watched any of Sarah Richardson's shows? She often refurbishes furniture and comes up with really neat classic stuff. A source of inspiration I would say.

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Hi i bought this 3 yards from fabricsforever.com to reupholster one of my friend's sofa.It looks really great in her living room.check this out;

Here is a link that might be useful: fabricsforever.com

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Hello! I have a lot of luxury fabrics made by Schumacher, Scalamandre, York, Thibaut, etc.
All of them memo samples( 26" x 26"). It is enough for pillow. All of them brand new. Price is good too, $6-7 per piece.
Please email me if interested to : yuliatreskina@yahoo.com
Visit my Etsy shop as well: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Kamilalux?ref=shopdash_view_shop

Here is a link that might be useful: Kamila's luxury design

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