Planting clematis with vinca minor

greenhavenrdgardenSeptember 10, 2012

Hi all, I feel like I should know this answer (but I don't) and google isn't helping so I figured I'd ask the experts :)

I planted 6 clematis to climb a split rail fence. The base of the fence has an established bed of vinca minor. The clems are doing great but up until now I have been pulling back the vinca minor that keeps creeping over the clems. I fear that this is a losing battle. Would it hurt the clems if the vm grows over where the clems come out? I know that some people use groundcover to shade the roots of the clematis (and help keep it moist) but will the vm suck out the water that I feed the clematis?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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IME clematis do much better without competition from other plants' roots. I also find that the vinca is really aggressive and I am in the process of ripping mine out in many places.

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I've had clems growing with vinca and I never found it to be a problem :-) As far as root competition is concerned, I would be more at issue with trees or deeper rooted plants when attempting to get clems established than I would be with a very surface rooted groundcover. And the vinca will indeed serve to reduce soil moisture evaporation, just as any other mulch or groundcover would. Just water slowly and deeply when you do water.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have problems with tree root competition (severe problems) but not groundcover or perennial root competition.

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Thank you for the replies. I will let the vinca cover and make sure to water well. One less chore on the list to worry about :)

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