Citrus identification

Arran(GSY CI)July 30, 2005

I planted a number of seeds which I belived to be lemon. One of them has grown, but it does not appear to be a lemon tree. The leaves when crused smell of lime it has grown very bushy and has long green thorns. The leaves are deep green, could someone help in identifying it.

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Casa_Del_Gatos(z8 AL)

Sounds just like a lime.

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From the information you have given, it is really not all that possible to pin-point exactly what your tree's identity is. However, Casa Del Gatos, could easily be correct, as the tree is bushy and does not have the tall/erect growth pattern of most lemons. Find a thread on this forum by Malcolm Manners and click on his "my page", then click on the citrus leaf identification addy and compare your tree's unknown leaf with the leaves that are shown on Dr. Manners web site. - MIllet

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Additionally....The tree has long thorns, because it was started from a seed. Most all citrus "seedlings" develop many long and sharp thorns. Take care. - Millet

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