subtropixJuly 21, 2014

Anyone use CitrusTone (by Espoma) on their containerized plants? Any comments on the product also appreciated. Picked up a bag of it and PalmTone the other day and was curious.

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Citrus Tone is a very good product, if a bit pricey. Check the label to see if it says "not recommended for container trees"; if not I would think it is okay.

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No, it provides specific directions for containerized plants.

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Great. I have a number of friends who use Citrus Tone for their inground trees; but I have very little experience with container growing.

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Hey , hows you doing?

I did..It didn't work for me..

I had both and just threw them away last week when I cleaned my garage out...
Hope your weather has been hotter than mine)


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I will let you know how the fertilizers work out. I like the idea of slow release as sometimes I get lazy with the fertilizing and Citrus and palms (and cycads and bananas for that matter) are all heavy feeders. No, weather here has been 'normal' for a change (humid, mid/upper 80's down to about 70), and drying after recent monsoon event. But, there have been very few sustained heat waves of 90plus weather as dry fronts have been moving through regularly. Just got back from northern Maine though so, it feels hot to me. But, I typically see fastest growth of tropicals in August (generally a wet month unless there is drought). What state are you in MeyerMike? Guessing Lakes region as I have heard Lakes are still freezing from winter! So, July has been normal but August predicted to be hotter than at least. P.S. Maine was least in JULY!

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This is what I use, I love it!

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Thanks, Veggie Girl. I will be fertilizing the palm and Citrus grove tomorrow.

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