Lattice/support for new clematis

jefsboysSeptember 1, 2012


First time go at the vine growing and this will be new vines planted.

I have a 12' wide by 14' tall wall constructed out of 2X6's and 3/4 plywood (see picture).

My plans are to put some vines on them to hide the wall and provide some flowers.

I am hoping to put three different vines on this wall; spring bloomer(Snowdrift Clem), summer bloomer(Climbing Hydrangea) and fall bloomer(Autumn Clem).

I know that is a lot on one wall and if someone outright said that is definitely way too much then I would definitely reconsider. The nursery I called to get the plants from said if constructed solid it should be OK.

As you can see the wall what would be the best support system to attach for this set up?

Wires and hooks?

Lattice with wires over top of lattice?

Please provide your experiences and construction ideas for a long term solution on this.

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Thanks much,


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Do you think this would work?

Heavy duty yard fencing
Vinyl coating
14 gauge
48-in x 50

By jefsboys at 2012-09-01

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Yes, the wire mesh fencing would work, better than wood lattice. Sweet Autumn Clematis would cover the entire wall by itself though.

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Thank you very much for your input on that.
I am planning on the 3 vines just so that something will be blooming spring through fall.
Another characteristic of the Armandii Snowdrift that brought me to it is that it is evergreen.

One concern I do have is when I am pruning and cutting back on certain types, will it be hard to pull out the old prunings on this type of fencing above?

I like this fencing much better but I am wondering if for trimming purposes something like a cattle fence would work better?

Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.

The green fence would probably keep cooler for sure and not scorch new growth on the Clematis like the cattle fence might.

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IME, I haven't had any issues with new growth on dark metal. I have iron supports, either black or rusted, and the plants don't seem to have any problems with the dark metal getting too hot.

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Thanks for the info.

Would you be able to post some pictures of what you have? Would like to see some alternative trellis pictures.


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I live in a rural area and many of my trellis structures are from found materials or those readily bought from the local hardware or big box store. I look on Craigslist for folding backer's racks that are inexpensive and the old farm that I live on provides lots of materials to use along with the metal recycling bin at the local transfer station.
An old lamp base that was being thrown out with a piece of steel rod run down through the center and down into the soil, though it still needs a finial of some kind:
From Mar 17, 2011

A pair of wheel rims with a piece of steel rod run down through holes drilled through top and bottom and then pushed down into the soil. It's covered with bird netting for now until I can find wire mesh that will work here.
From Mar 17, 2011

A folding baker's rack opened out and with its shelves fastened to the back. It now has steel rods fastened to the sides and sunk into the soil.
From Mar 17, 2011

A pair of steel rod tripods with the tops fastened together with twists for tying concrete wire together. They both have spirals of wire cable from defunct garage doors running up them. One is topped with an old truck spring and the other has a ring from a wheel hub and still needs a globe of some sort in the ring. (The one from the first photo is in the middle in the background.
From Mar 17, 2011

and here is my one style of store-bought trellis. I just love the shape!
From Mar 17, 2011

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"Stone walls a prison do not make".....but a 14 foot wall certainly takes on an appearance of one.
I'm curious, what is that wall doesn't appear that its part of a building.....what is its purpose and will the greenery add to its softening.

Clematis are not fast growers....they take their time...
the old adage might be considered before you decide to plant them.
"First year, they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap"
But they never leap far and they are not quick to produce foliage widespread. So putting threee plants on that wall is hardly something that will hide anything.

You'd better do some research on the kind that grow upwards of 14'....some grow very well....but reach only 10 - 12'.

There are other fast growing vines that might be considered invasive...the grow very fast and some even cling by need for hooks or wire.
The wall, is it continually in sun...or does it lose some and is then in deep shade.
Clematis are sun lovers...the more the merrier and while there are varieties that can take some shade...they don't perform well in flowering or growth beyond 8'.

Some vines are friends of pests....mostly aphids, which show up to dine on the tender new leaves.

Mostly though, if you are planting a vine for its other perennials, clematis have their seasons...they flower early, middle or late summer.
Some re-flower later. Their pruning is part of their growth habit and during this time they are hardly wall coverings.

A lot of things to consider how this prison wall hides the inmates.

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alameda/zone 8

I really like cattle panel. I have seen it nailed between 4x4 posts with finials on top - looks very classy. It is indestructable - I use it with board fencing with my horses. For summer vines that grow really fast - moonvine or hycinth runner beans will cover a structure fast, but will freeze. Morning glories are lovely also.

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

nhbabs: I enjoyed seeing your trellis structures. Very creative!

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Those are some great structures, good to get the mind thinking on various ideas. Thank you for posting those, some times a little nudge to the creative side is what is needed.

"I'm curious, what is that wall for"
The wall is part of a sports court; basketball, racquetball, etc., the focus was an outdoor racquetball court and it turned out great.

As far as time..... I have the rest of my life, no big hurry here.
I planted the Autumn Clematis a month or so ago after receiving it from the nursery, 1 of them shot a foot of growth after I planted it before it started cooling off here in the Midwest.

Next structure will be to build an arbor for the walking transition from front yard to back.

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