Pink Starfish Plant

smithjm(z9 FL)September 7, 2006

I'm new to these and very intrigued by them. Ebay has a couple different ones for sale, and i'm very tempted to buy, but first I need to know a little about them. I haven't had any luck finding info online. Are they easy to grow? do they require any special care? do they bloom all the time? I appreciate all the advice. Below is a picture of the one for sale.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Have never seen it,but i'd sure like to have one.Sorry i can't help you out.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Smith,

Well, I seem to be your girl lately, so here goes.

They are Stapeliads (don't know which offhand, & fuzzy pic), but pls. search for that name & you'll find PLENTY of info (since you've shown yourself willing to do some research). Particular wealth of info & pix can be had by searching for that name &/or that of Gerry Barad (a master Stapeliad grower & known for such nationwide). I only grow one now, so can't speak at length abt them.

Short answer: Family of Asclepiads (closely related to Huernias, cousins of Hoyas & common milkweed). It may not be especially easy to grow (can be prone to rot & easily overwatered if at wrong time of yr.); may matter if you'll be able to put them outside. Oh, you're in FLA, so I guess so. No, they don't bloom all year 'round (I think mostly in summer/fall).

(PG) Karen

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Somewhat easy to grow. They bloom in summer (most anyway) and need to be dry & dormant in the winter. They will do well in Florida's heat. Here are a couple of sites. I wouldn't grow them in peat and they are a very favorite of their arch enemy the mealiebug.


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smithjm(z9 FL)

Well pirate girl, we do meet again! I did find a bunch of info on them. I was jus not typing the name correctley, so I was getting very little info. And about mealybugs, man! do I hate them!! with a passion!! i've lost so many plants because of those nasty little 'beeeeep' Ok, now I feel much better. My current disaster is hoya 'rope' i've had it for 2 years now and a couple months ago it started getting them. So I started treaten it, but those little suckers have lots of places to hide and it's gotten worse. I had to cut up most of the plant, and left the top part. Wich makes me really mad, cause it was so long and full. Well, I got it out of my system. Boy, do I feel better!!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Smith,

If you haven't seen it yet, pls. flip over to the C&S Gallery, there's a Stapeliad thread w/ plenty of great pix on blooming Staps.

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HI I have a starfish plant that i am willing to part with if u are interetsed lmk email me persoanlly thanks

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smithjm(z9 FL)

That's great prettylady, but how come you want to get rid of it?

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I am looking for one like the one that you have can u spare some cuttings? I have had it for awhile lmk thanks

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smithjm(z9 FL)

Oh, the one in the picture isn't mine. I got that picture from ebay. Some one there is selling cuttings of these and others to. Here's the link, if you're interested in purchasing some.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink starfish cuttings

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Stapelias are also known as the carrion flower, they have the odor of rotting flesh to attract flies to pollinate them. I have the giant starfish cactus, growing them is very difficult as they are picky. ALWAYS use clay pots, not plastic. Fertilize when you see buds forming, which mine form on the sides of the fuzzy stems, some buds on others form at the base of the plant. Keep them in a sunny location. The worst thing about stapeliads that cause death is too much water, so use a clay pot and give plenty of sun. This is from previous experience, I've not had luck with the "string of pearls" or "string of hearts" because of too much moisture. If you have to bring plants in for the winter, only water it when the soil is dry and keep in a warm place as cold air will also cause rot if the plant is wet.

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I've 2 Stapelia grandiflora that produce big giant star flowers. Both are in plastic pots, one is doing very well and going to bloom anyday soon. One is not so well, I'm going to repot it to smaller clay pot today.

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