okitsu leaves yellowing

laidbackdood(Australia.WA.)July 17, 2014

Hi....I bought the above and when i bought it....i thought the leaves looked a bit pale green and some were a bit yellow......I repotted it into a bigger pot.....have kept it dry to moist as its winter here in Perth western Australia.
The leaves have gone a bit more yellow......I havent fed it and transplanted it about a month ago.....initially i thought it might be MG lacking or iron lacking.....so i gave tonics of that......then i thought it might be any of these
1.Too wet.....but i have avoided that.
2.Lack of MG
3.Lack of Iron
4.The cold of winter(my lemons leaves go yellow at times)
5.In need on Nitrogen.........this is my gut feeling now but the tree is dormant.....so thinking of waiting until bud break to feed.....thoughts anyone?

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molewacker z9b Napa CA (No.SFBay)(9b Danville E(SF)Bay CA)

Laidbackdude (love that name): i have several Okitstus in the ground and learned over the years that they do not like hot late afternoon sun, can tolerate more than a 1/2 day of shade, and like plenty of water and food (they like to stay moist). [of course, a well draining potting soil is a must!]

Please check your soil moisture with a wooden dowel/spike ( i use a skewer ). I think you may have let it dry out excessively.

I found mine looking much like your pic. My issue turned out to be too little water for the amount of fertilizer given (I burned the roots), as well as pH imbalance and N pull from fresh compost. I gave it more water, switched to water based fertilizer application (Foliage Pro) once a week with vinegar (check your irrigation water pH - mine was over 9). They took a bit less than a year to come back and have loads of fruit on them now.

Good luck, George -- - -

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Right George .

I was going to say too much very hot sun. It prevents nutrient uptake, over heats roots, and causes leaves to be anything but nice and green on my plants. The roots have always been a concern fir me too keep them nice and cool and moist during the hottest time of summer.


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Thanks Guys...i will give it a good flush and have moved it to where it can have moderate sun....cheers LBD.

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