Mexican Lime Questions

BradP316July 14, 2012

I just bought a Mexican Lime tree and this will be my first fruit tree. I live in SC so my tree will stay outside during the spring/summer/fall and come inside during the winter. I have a few questions:

1. I transferred the tree from a 5 gallon bucket to a 20 inch pot. The pot I bought at Lowe's doesn't have holes. I potted it in Sta-Green Moisture Max potting soil to help with retaining water. I also sprinkled 4 teaspoons of citrus lime fertilizer around the edge of the pot like the nursery told me to do and watered it pretty heavily. Should I drill a few holes in the bottom of the pot to help with drainage?

2. Assuming I do drill holes in the pot, how often should I water the tree. The man I spoke to at the nursery said that these trees don't like alot of water yet I've been reading where people water them every day in pots.

3. I bought the tree with some fruit already set on the tree. Once the fruit start growing, about how long does it take for them to grow before they ripen?

Thanks for your help!

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1. you may run into issues with the potting mix retaining to much moisture, causing root rot.

2. for someone like me, that lives in TX where we have long, hot, scorching summers, i may water everyday, but usually its every other day.

3. it can take around 3-4 months for limes to mature.

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holes are a must in container grown citrus

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